Canadian Timberframes 2020 Summer Newsletter

A Time of Extreme Change

As we continue to navigate the change that is before us, we see increased adoption to new behaviors and businesses becoming more agile when forced with quick change.

The ‘next normal’ has started to emerge before us with daily uncertainty and change, high levels of anxiety, consumers are indicating they will adapt long-term behaviors that will last beyond COVID-19; switching to new brands because of accessibility, reducing in person activities; businesses creating safe workspaces for each & every employee every day of the year; adapting new best practices around cleaning & disinfecting and businesses finding ways to be nimble to continue to deliver upon their demands from both clients and employees.

We as a business are blessedly in the thankful category. We were able to continue to manufacture, continue to employ every employee we have and create a safe working ‘bubble’ for our people; where no one has gotten sick. I say we are in the ‘thankful’ category not because we have continued to manufacture, but thankful that we and many of our people did not have to break through the fear barrier of returning to work, after months away self-isolating.
We have recently seen the importance of creating our home as our sanctuary – when forced to spend so much time in a space brings a new sense of how important our home is to not only our health (both mental & physical) but can create either a sense of peace or stress through material, floor plan, natural light & acoustics.

We have seen accelerated shifts to those interested in designing their ‘new’ home; a shift in buying markets where people are looking to more remote locations that offer them the space they don’t have today. The pandemic has put their home front & center. With the uptick on video conferencing, it is making people more aware of how they are perceived, and how their space reflects on them. Many have had time to figure out what’s important to them, creating ‘flex’ spaces where an area can quickly & easily be transformed to suit multiple functions from yoga studio to arts and crafts or office. As we have spent more time at home many are thinking about how they can conserve energy through thoughtful design, added technology and solar gain; how storage can be used in clever ways and how organization can promote productivity for those that will continue to work at home.

Creating a backyard oasis has become paramount recently where one can find solace and it become one of your ‘flex’ spaces: dining, reading, entertaining, yoga etc. A space that includes an outdoor kitchen too to truly transform what you can do & how you do it all alongside a beautiful garden.

We see people appreciating simpler lifestyles, whether at home or in life, now more than ever in a world that’s so complex. Let us help you create that dream space that fits the lifestyle & life you want and need to create.

Jeff Bowes, President & Owner


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