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We are always trying to keep our clients up-to-date with interesting things about custom timberframe homes, as well as Log & Timber Home Shows in Canada and the United States.

Canadian Timberframes 2018 Summer Newsletter

The US and Canadian housing markets are booming

Both the US & Canadian housing markets seem to be in full swing with continued growth trends in new home starts for 2018. We certainly are seeing it here at Canadian Timberframes, as we have been the busiest we have been in 19 years and we are still able to adapt and respond quickly with the quality & professionalism one comes to expect from us – even with the influx of activity.
The one year old US tariff on Canadian Softwood lumber has dramatically impacted price on newly built homes in the US. The US Census Bureau reports on a year to date basis, as of May, single family starts are 9.8% higher. Our industry partners have noticed more like a 20% plus spike on lumber to the US.
Because of this financial impact we are finding that many of our industry partners now come to us, more than ever, to ‘pre-manufacture’ whatever we can & ship across the border helping to control new build costs on site. We are not subject to the tariff, obviously & are able to ship manufactured wall systems, roof systems, pre-stained T&G etc, more cost effectively than building/finishing on site in the US.

There are 3 added bonuses with packaging your project this way:

  1. You expedite the raising time (giving builders an advantage to take on more projects)
  2. You save buying Canadian – as your US dollars go father with the exchange rate (you get to buy more product with your same $’s)
  3. You are not tariffed on pre-manufactured components that ship from Canada to the US.

We become your extended industry resource on your project and happily partner with Builders, Architects & clients on producing exceptional timber frames & components in a timely & cost effective way.

We are committed to fulfilling our promise: delivering world class product with professional service in one of the quickest turnaround times in the market.

Drop us a line and let us know where we can help you out. We truly look forward to serving you.

Jeff Bowes, President & Owner

Our Summer 2017 Newsletter

Celebrating Canada’s Sesquicentennial! !50 years!

This year has been an interesting & crazy ride so far. With the political changes, economic activity and trade talks, this year has started & continued with a boom, as we say goodbye to the effects of the financial crisis. Plus a pretty big deal for our country – We are celebrating our 150th anniversary, also known as the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

We are proud of the country we live in and proud to be building a business here with one of our most prominent renewable resources, BC Wood. Here are a few more facts to be proud of while celebrating our 150th: 

  • Canada has 347 Million hectares of forest land
  • Less than 0.3% of Canada’s forests are harvested annually
  • Less than 0.02% of Canada’s forests are deforested each year,
  • Plus 100% of forests harvested must be successfully regenerated.

So, we are not only proud of our country but the measures we take to protect one of the world’s most renewable resources.

We hope you enjoy reading through our summer newsletter & all of the exciting new projects on the go.

We would love to hear from you at news@canadiantimberframes.com

Winter 2017 Newsletter

2017 Economic forecast is better than 2016 – What a relief!

U.S. economic outlook for 2017 is looking healthy according to experts with several indicators suggesting that it just might be one thing we won’t need to worry about this year! A bit of good news for many, I am sure. We have seen this new found relief with clients, over the past few months, as many projects that were ‘on hold’ for years are now being resurrected. This year seems to be the year. We are starting off the year with many new projects moving forward in: Colorado, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Montana along with various locations throughout Canada.

2017 looks to be a prosperous year as we continue to say goodbye to the effects of the financial crisis and look forward to a stronger future working closely with many Design & Building Professionals. We truly look forward to serving you. 

Jeff Bowes

President & Owner

Canadian Timberframes

Summertime! 2016

Warm weather, swimming and vacations — such events often announce the arrival of summer. Following the tell tail signs of the days getting longer and the nights getting shorter and the kids getting out of school! The home is now a hustle & bustle of bodies; the energy increases and family plans and schedules are re-defined.


We all love the feeling of summer, the excitement of taking an extra-long weekend, planning that family vacation time; or just creating space & time to relax a little bit more - become happier, more balanced and hopefully recharging our batteries.


While others are hopefully slowing down a little bit, Canadian Timberframes continues to ramp up. Our mill works over time & our manufacturing facility is on full tilt, turning out all the plans that run through the floor creating and forming the structure to many dream homes. We have seen it all recently, from fresh white painted timbers, to raw timbers that will be white-washed in on location to rustic and the elegant; we manufacture it all. If you can dream it, we will produce it and are always up for solving a new challenge. We thrive on collaboration; complexity and serving our customers with extreme pride and professionalism.


So, if you are looking to build that glamourous getaway; a new cottage deck; timber addition; expansion to an existing building; or a complete new customized home for your family, we can assist you with your 2016 goals. Drop us a line @ sales@canadiantimberframes.com or call 1.877.348.9924- let us know where we can help you out.


Jeff Bowes

President & Partner

Canadian Timberframes



Winter 2016 Newsletter


...And with it comes renewed promises and new technologies, products & services to make life amazing.  We are all looking at the past year & how we can improve ourselves and our results in 2016. So many people live their lives on max – stressing about the lack of time, lack of convenience and lack of connection to loved ones. We are all looking for short cuts & support spots in our lives where we can make our lives easier – from apps to digital problem solvers. We are looking for places that bring us solitude & connection to ourselves and our families. We at CTF understand how busy people’s lives are and are committed to providing exceptional & responsive service to our clients; this is what we believe in.

Enjoy reading through our Winter newsletter & enjoy the new designs & projects that are on the go.





Canadian Timberframes Summer Newsletter, 2015 Edition

Summer 2015

Summer time, a time to relax a bit more, enjoy the outdoors, BBQ’ing & dining under the stars. An energetic time of year. We have harnessed that energy and brought several exciting changes to our product, services and operations. Read all about these changes & get updates on many of the exciting project we have on the go.



Winter 2015 Newsletter

2015, our focus will be on creating valuable content.  It is important to us at Canadian Timberframes, to ensure
that we are providing the ‘goods’ that you need to do your homework and offer it in a digestible, easy to access way. We
would love to hear from you, what your needs are, what is ‘the hard to get information’ that is necessary for you to make
decisions around designing & building your custom dream home.

Click on some of our featured projects in the Newsletter

Luxury Retirement Home

Colebrook, New Hampshire

Hidden Ridge Alpine Home

CTF: Summer 2014 Newsletter

Regained optimism and paced growth mark another impressive year of new custom timberframe homes for Canadian Timberframes. says Jeff Bowes, President and Partner.  It is exciting to be working with so many new clients, raring to build and to support this new demand CTF has been in ‘hiring’ mode since the start of the year.

We invite you to read our entire newsletter; we have featured a new exciting project that is in the design phase and 2 incredible projects in construction.

CTF: Winter 2014 Newsletter

Winter has arrived at the hill top of Collingwood Ontario. The site of one of the most spectacular projects of the last year.  We are pround to have been selected by UPSTREAM CONSTRUCTION on this truly amazing resort home.  Look for more information on the open house that is scheduled for spring 2014.

CTF: Summer 2013 Newsletter

This amazing structure has become a Canmore landmark!  THE GRIZZLY PAW BREWING COMPANY is open and in full production is their new facility.  This project also caught the eye of the Canadian Wood Council who has now competed and published a case study on this exciting structure and story.

CTF: Winter 2013 Newsletter

We are preud that this amazing Tofino home was featured by Timber Home Living magazine as one of the top ten timber frame homes in 2012.  We continue to receive interest from readers that are dreaming or developing that perfect home to match their unique location.

CTF: Summer 2012 Newsletter

Blue Sky Architecture of Frisco Colorado and Upstream Construction of Caledon Ontario are working closely with the Canadian Timberframes team toward the design and construction of this spectacular heavy timber country home being built this fall and into 2013

CTF: Winter 2011 Newsletter

While exploring downtown Golden, take a trip over the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge at 8th Ave North.  Spanning the river of the same name, at 46 metres (151 feet) across, it's the longest freestanding timber frame bridge in Canada

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