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We are always trying to keep our clients up-to-date with interesting things about custom timberframe homes, as well as Log & Timber Home Shows in Canada and the United States.

Kootenay Business Podcast - Talking Timber with Jeff and Stephanie Bowes

CTF is Celebrating 20 Years

Kootenay Business featured us on their latest KB Podcast and in their January magazine publication as 2019 sees us celebrate our 20th Anniversary! CTF was founded in 1999 and Jeff became a partner in 2011. Then he and Stephanie became sole owners on January 1, 2017. We are one of Golden's largest employers with 39 employees and the company has experienced significant growth in recent years.

Please have a listen to the podcast below as publisher Keith Powell interviews Jeff & Stephanie to learn more about CTF, the trends and opportunities facing the timber frame industry and the growth we are experiencing.

The full article can be found here on the Kootenay Business website.

Lake of Bays – The Makings of a Lakeside Legacy

Drafting the Dream

Our Lake of Bays Haven project is being featured by Timber Home Living in their Welcome Home Series. The feature will follow the project giving timber enthusiasts an in-depth & up close look into the steps of building a timber frame home.

The feature will appear in the next four editions of Timber Home Living, with the first article in the May/June edition and on the Timber Home Living website.

1st article - May/June edition - Understand the design process and how we work with you on developing your dream home.

2nd article - July/August - Learn about the early construction process and components of the dried in shell.

3rd article - September/ October - Learn about the final construction stage and exterior design details.

4th article - November/ December - Explore the fully finished home.

Lake of Bays Haven Project Page

Explore the construction and completed images of the build which highlight the beautiful design and stunning location in Muskoka, Ontario.

Portfolio Design

We loved our Lake of Bays project some much that it is now one of our portfolio designs with detailed floor plans, elevations and estimated range pricing available for you to review before contacting our sales associates.

The Rockies Meet Muskoka - Hideaways Magazine

Lake of Bays Haven featured in Hideaways Magazine

Our Lake of Bays Haven project is featured in the latest Hideaways Magazine. The article showcases the custom architectural elements that went into the design after we worked closely with the client to incorporate the features they were looking for. Be sure to read more about this stunning Muskoka cottage.

The article is available on the Hideaways Magazine website.

Lake of Bays Haven Project Page

Explore the construction and completed images of the build which highlight the beautiful design and stunning location in Muskoka, Ontario.

Portfolio Design

We loved our Lake of Bays project some much that it is now one of our portfolio designs with detailed floor plans, elevations and estimated range pricing available for you to review before contacting our sales associates.

Kootenay Business Magazine article: Top of the timber frame game! Canadian Timberframes is a North American success story.

Jeff and Stephanie Bowes of Golden, B.C., are already achieving at least part of their corporate vision and mission: to have their company, Canadian Timberframes Ltd. (CTF), become a leader in its industry across North America; and to employ top talent, providing long-term careers to go with the Golden lifestyle.

Read the full Kootenay Business Magazine article here!


Mountain Living Magazine Features Peace River Ridge Project

It’s exciting when one of our many favourite projects is featured online, it solidifies that the products we’re producing at Canadian Timberframes are the best in the industry! The Peace River Ridge project is a modern mountain design that blends age old timber frame construction with contemporary lines and styles. The clients loved the unique designs, custom design elements and finishes we produce.



Peace River Ridge utilizes wood, design and other textural elements to create this contemporary and luxurious space that is a reflection of this family’s sense of style. In compliance with the growing trend for green architecture and interior design, the use of natural materials is becoming more and more popular – as seen in this project.



Explore the full Peace River Ridge project by design, construction and completed phases by clicking through the photos above.

To view the Mountain Living article on our Peace River Ridge project click here

A Longtime Love of Timber Frames Results in a One-of-a-kind Kentucky Home

This couple in Bowling Green, Kentucky loved the rustic ambiance of timber frame homes and contacted Canadian Timberframes to figure out how to start the process in building their dream home on a golf course. Read the full Timber Home Living Magazine article here. It was featured in the August 2016 issue pages 36 - 41.



2016 Timber Home Living Annual Buyers Guide Feature Article

It’s hard to imagine a home so stunning it could rival the natural beauty of the Canadian countryside. But take one look at this farmhouse-inspired retreat by Canadian Timberframes of Golden, British Columbia, and that’s exactly what you’ll see. 

Read the full article in the attached document.

Timber Home Living Readers Choice Awards

It is very exciting to be awarded 2 wins from the Annual Timber Home Living Readers Choice Awards. We at Canadian Timberframes are honored that readers not only voted but chose Canadian Timberframes to be the best!


We won in 2 categories:


Canadin Timberframes Won Best Kitchen & Best Great Room.


Enjoy the article & the fantastic entries & winners.


Thanks Timber Home Living Readers for your support!


Jet Set Magazine, Online Feature

Jet Set Magazine published a Canadian Timberframes article describing different Architectural Design Styles.

Enjoy the read & pick which Design Style best resonates with you & your lifestyle.


The Many Perks of a Timber Frame Homes


Read the article that Canadian Timberframes wrote for the Mountain Living Homes Blog around the energy efficiencies of timber frame homes.




The Art, Romance & History of Timber Framing

Read the Blog that Canadian Timberframes wrote for Mountain Living around the romance, the art & history of timber framing.




Timberframe Tour De Force

Coming to a Muskoka Dock Near you!


See one of our finished master pieces featured on the Cover of the 2015 Edition of Cottage Country Hideaways Magazine plus an impressive 9 page feature article exploring this massive home and inspiring design and architectural features. Enjoy the 2,000 square foot great room, the lower level spa complete with steam room, sauna, wine room & relaxation area, take a gander at the extraordinary indoor pool and more.


Attached is the cover shot and digital feature article , open and enjoy the read & images of this truly spectacular home.


Timber Home Living April Small Spaces Issue

This 1,150sqft cottage featured in Small Spaces, Timber Home Living April issue was cut and manufactured by Canadian Timberframes for another timber frame company, show casing our exceptional value in manufacturing world class residential timber structures.

To see the construction photos on this cottage go to the Blue Bay Cabin Project


Timber Home Living Magazine , Industry Insider Feature on Jeff Bowes, President & Partner @ Canadian Timberframes

Timber Home Living Magazine highlights Industry Professionals in their column Industry Insider. Their August 2014 Magazine, Jeff Bowes President & Partner of Canadian Timberframes was their focus. They interviewed him and talk about his rich history & expertise within this industry.




Timber frame cottages, old world methods meet new technology.

To be able to show off a spectacular timber frame, every cut and every joint must be precise. Before technology, the logs for timberframe homes were all hewn, finished and joined by the hands of skilled craftsmen. And while there are still proponents of that method, CNC technology allows for precision milling in a much shorter but still labour-intensive timeframe.

“When the timbers arrive onsite, many people don’t realize the hundreds of hours of labour that have already been expended to prepare them,” explains Jeff Bowes, President and Partner at Canadian Timberframes. “But even with new technology we haven’t left our roots behind. We still use traditional mortise and tenon joints and authentic joinery which have retained solid engineering capacity for centuries.” And some of that old-world touch can be incorporated in other ways. “We have skilled carvers who can add unique features and detailing to the timbers for a very personalized look. One of our clients wanted sailboats carved into his roof trusses of his waterfront cottage. We pride ourselves on being able to provide that personal touch despite the technology.” 

Once the CNC machines process the timbers to the size and specifications for the project, the finish is applied. A
clear coat gives a traditional pale Douglas fir look, but custom finishes like a circle-sawn antique finish, a distressed look or any tone of stain can be used to complement other design features like hardwood flooring or trim. Only then are the timbers ready to travel to the project site. “The timbers are at a furniture quality finish when they leave our facility,” says Jeff. “They are packaged in weather-proofed bundles and are carried by flatbed truck to the site along with the wall and roof systems that we manufacture.”

To read the full article, please open the attachment.

Best Home Magazine, Winter 2014 Timberframe Feature Article

This timberframe renovation outside of Calgary was the subject of the feature article in the 2014 Winter edition of Best Homes Magazine, Western Canada.

They walk you through our Copperstone Project and its 1,800 sq ft timber addition; the design features of the home as well as its energy efficient focus.

Enjoy the read, then pop over to view additional photo's of this project.

Beautifully Precise

It all starts with a tree. And not just any tree. The best trees for building a timberframe home are tall with a tight, dense grain and beautiful natural colour. The best of the best is the Douglas fir, but even within that species some are better than others depending on where it grows.

Golden BC where Canadian Timberframes has it’s manufacturing facility, is in the heart of the best stands of interior-grown Douglas fir in North America,” says Jeff Bowes, president and partner at Canadian Timberframes Limited. “Douglas fir grows well in Oregon and Washington State but the Columbia Valley in the B.C. interior is at a higher elevation which causes slower growth and results in a tighter grain.” A tighter grain means stronger and more stable timbers.

Keep reading for the rest of ‘our’ process in building your timberframe cottage or home.

Smart and Stylish, this Canadian beauty proves how gorgeous green can be.

Local and sustainably harvested Douglas Fir timbers provided by Canadian Timberframes were just the start to helping this home become an energy efficient gem.  The 4,172 sqft timberframe retreat has all the amenities, such as a complete home theater, open concept living space, outdoor kitchen, full bar and an in-ground hot tub with a waterfall.  Outfitted with high end finishes and amenities this home proves that a spectacular home can also be a smart home.  Please click to read the article.

CTF featured in Cottage Life West May Magazine article

In the wild west coast of Vancouver Island, is an outdoor lover’s dream and a surfer’s paradise. Here, wetsuit-clad adventurers brave the heaving Pacific Ocean swells while whale-watching tour boats, fishing boats, and kayakers crisscross its waters. The area abounds with hikers and campers, and bear and bird watchers, who have traversed Vancouver Island to embrace the wildness of the coast, its long sandy beaches, and its windswept temperate rainforest.

Bring the outdoors in with timber frame construction

Best recognized by their soaring great rooms and large walls of windows that allow the unobstructed views of cottage living; timber frame construction is becoming the choice of many cottage goers today.  The architectural style is so versatile; whither you love a contemporary or more traditional feel; rustic charm or a more polished finish - custom timber frame homes can meet the needs of even the most distinguished.

“The benefit of timber frame construction is its ability to integrate larger, more open spaces,” says Jeff Bowes, president and partner at Canadian Timberframes Limited. “Timber frames let you remove interior structural walls for better sightlines of Muskoka’s stunning vistas while being beautiful in their own right.”

We Even Look Good On Paper!

Canadian Timberframes is featured in the publication:  DOCKSIDE - THE BEST OF MUSKOKA.  In this article by Sarah Fulton May, CTF is praised for its ability to incorporate timber into any scenery.  Jeff Bowes, Partner and Director of Business Development interviewed as the expert in Muskoka timber living. 

CTF featured in Timber Home Living

Please take a minute to review this amazing double spread from Timber Home Living.

Timber Home Living: Tree House

Read about the benefits of timber from one of our own clients.

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