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Products & Services

Canadian Timberframes Limited (CTF) has produced over 1,000 high quality residential and commercial timber frames in North America since 1999. We manufacturer wall systems, roof enclosure systems, wood ceiling liners and wall finishes, exterior siding & trim packages, stairs, decking along with supplying Loewen windows and doors; everything you need to take your home to lock up. And will deliver anywhere worldwide.

No matter what stage you are currently at with your construction project we will be able to help you.  From just a vision, to a preliminary sketch, to final construction documents, we are ready to put our design knowledge and fibre supply to work for you.

We pride ourselves on building beautiful timber frame structures that meet all of your expectations. We are a team of professional, dedicated craftsman, offering quality workmanship and exceptional service.

Services Offered

  1. Design
  2. Raising
  3. Enclosure System Installation

Products Offered

  1. Timber Frame
  2. Wall Panels
  3. Roof Systems
  4. Exterior Siding
  5. Windows
  6. Interior Trim
  7. Trusses/Hybrid Elements
  8. Stairs & Railings
  9. Custom Metal Elements
  10. Textures and Appearances
  11. Staining


Explore our service offerings available with our timber frame packages


We use very powerful and sophisticated design software to ensure the elegance, integrity, and accuracy of each timberframe project we provide. 

Our designers come from various educations, work experiences, and countries.  With Carpenters, Master Timber Framers, and Engineering Technologists combined in one office we have a wealth of knowledge to benefit you and the outcome of your timberframe project. 

The main focus of CTF’s designers is to develop timberframe structures for your existing architectural drawings or house plans. 

If your project is currently only a vision or concept, or if preliminary drawings exist, CTF is able to connect you with one of our associated Architects or Home Planners to put the finishing touches on your plans.  CTF is also able to work with your existing project engineer, or one of our associated engineering firms to have your structure approved.

We use BIM (Building Information Modeling) to create a 3-D model indicating member sizes and connection arrangements, making it a valuable tool for coordinating the entire design team. This model is easily used to produce shop drawings and control the CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machine used to fabricate the timber components.


Canadian Timberfames Ltd. is able to provide full timber frame raising services, including all persons and equipment required to erect your frame.  Typically we don’t offer full raising services when the project is more than 500km from Golden, BC.  When projects are farther from home we often provide raising assistance, or a technical representative, an experienced installer from CTF that can work with your crew to guide and oversee your successful timber frame raising.

Enclosure System Installation

We can offer additional installation services providing support for our wall and roof systems. Depending upon location, local labour rates, availability of labour & job complexity; this is a service often taken advantage of by our clients.


Explore our products that we supply in our customized packages


We specialize in timber frames crafted from seasoned Douglas Fir timbers. The strength and durability of a timber frame home, combined with the beauty of the wood, enable these structures to last for centuries and age with grace. Although our air dried Fir inventory is our most commonly used product, we are able to source kiln dried, Cedar, Spruce or recycled material upon request.

We are dedicated to the creation of timber frame structures which reflect our client’s individual taste and lifestyle and will source any type of wood requested. All of our timber frame homes showcase the precise craftsmanship that only decades of experience is able to produce.

Wall Panels

We design and manufacture custom wall panel enclosure systems. Our wall panels are specifically designed to interface with our timber structure, with all beam notches, windows & doors precut; integrated built up posts and stud packs. Spec & orientation of sidings are also anticipated before manufacturing allowing all wall systems to be detailed & manufactured to accept a variety of exterior siding applications. Our engineered wall panel enclosure systems are built to seamlessly match our exceptional timber structures - less waste and faster to install while providing energy efficient homes.

Exterior Siding

Canadian Timberframes has developed 2 levels of siding & trim packages to offer our clients enough flexibility around budget & finish to meet most everyone’s needs.

Roof Systems

We lead the industry with our R37 & R50 engineered roof build ups, providing energy efficiency and structural integrity as a cost effective solution to enclosing the most complex timber homes & commercial structures. We pride ourselves on also being able to develop custom roof enclosures for unique applications throughout North America.


We are a certified dealer of Loewen Windows. Loewen is a manufacturer of wood windows designed and built for premium residential new construction, renovation/restoration and distinctive light commercial construction.

Their products are not only attractive but also cutting edge in their functionality. Loewen windows are highly customizable. There are countless options and features to tailor to each unique opening in any style of home. Whether you are looking to retrofit an elegant, traditional-style home, or aiming for a highly contemporary look, Loewen has the ideal solution. Unlike other window manufacturers, they use only Douglas Fir or Mahogany in their frames and sashes.


Interior Trim

We offer 2 levels of Trim options: our Golden option offers simpler lines and is the most cost effective; the Platinum offers more architectural detail for stunning interior accents. Both packages offer exceptional value & ease of installation. Both can be supplied pre-stained and lacquer finished to your specifications.

Stairs & Railings

We build custom stairs & railing using the exceptional tight grained, slow growing Douglas Fir that the Columbia valley is famous for. We also supply custom stair treads & materials for custom applications, along with custom designed and fabricated steel.  We specialize in fulfilling your custom design that will integrate into your specific timber structure.

Trusses/Hybrid Elements

CTF prides itself in designing & manufacturing unique structural truss systems based on architectural requirements. We will manufacture hybrid timber elements; often supplying great rooms, trusses, entry systems, porches & landscape structures as an alternative to complete timber framed homes. These custom truss designs integrate well with most conventional construction and building systems. The same time, care and craftsmanship is given to these trusses and components as our full timber frame structures.

Custom Metal Elements

When the engineering requirements or style demand the use of a steel connectors and elements, we are able to design and supply all required steel components.  These steel components are test fitted in our shop before shipping the whole assembly to your job site. We will custom manufacture any steel components as an architectural detail when required. We produce matte black finish to tumbled hardware to achieve a distressed look.

Textures & Appearance

We offer a variety of finishes from planed, to antique, to distressed and if you don’t see what you are looking for, we are always open and willing to try to re-create any finish you have seen.


We offer factory colour finishes in a variety colors to meet your needs from clear, grey, espresso, teak, gold, double tint, espresso to oxford opaque.; we are always open and willing to try to re-create any finish you have seen before. Finishes again are manufactured, mixed and applied to meet your unique style and needs.

Our Standard factory finish includes: 1 coat Sansin standard color application with UV protectant; 1 coat Sansin ENS clear top coat; as well as a supply of stain & ENS for on-site touch ups. Please note that our Antique or other custom finishes will be an additional cost.

Log Work

Canadian Timberframes can integrate any custom log work into your timber frame structures upon request.

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