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We manufacturer custom heavy timber structures, along with wall systems, roof enclosure systems, wood ceiling liners and wall finishes, exterior siding & trim packages, stairs, decking, and supplying Loewen windows and doors; everything you need to take your home to lock up. Our products are delivered worldwide.

No matter what stage you are currently at with your construction project, our team is ready to assist you.  From just a vision, to a preliminary sketch, to final design documents, we are ready to put our design knowledge and fibre supply to work for you.

Product Questions

Canadian Timberframes produces and supplies everything you need to take your structure to the lock up stage. Our product line has grown so that you may be able to fully customize your structure. Let us know if you would like more information regarding our timber frame products.


Structural Heavy Timber Frame

Create the skeleton of your structure from high-quality, #1 grade Douglas Fir timber. Mortise and tenon joints connect the structure together, utilizing oak pegs & sometimes metal elements. A heavy timber structure is often exposed on the inside for visual appeal. We are able to provide kiln dried free-of-heart-center & select structural specifications. We frequently manufacture Western Red Cedar timber frames as well.

Hybrid & Decorative Timber Frame

Hybrid timber frame structures combine the conventional stick frame wall construction with timber frame. This can be anything from brackets, trusses, entryways, roof systems, porches, balconies, feature rooms, bay windows (as seen in image to your right) etc. The same time, care, and craftsmanship is given to these hybrid elements as they would in full timber frame structures.

Any timber components that are non-structural can be considered decorative. Some of the more popular exterior elements we provide include decorative trusses, rafter tails, brace accents and brackets. Interior elements include rafters and trusses, and mantels.

Wall Panel Enclosure System

We design and manufacture custom wall panel enclosure systems, specifically designed to interface with our timber structure, with all beam notches, windows & doors pre-cut; integrated built up posts and stud packs.

Spec & orientation of sidings and stone are also anticipated before manufacturing allowing all wall systems to be detailed & manufactured to accept a variety of exterior siding applications. Interior wall cavities are left open for ease of standard plumbing/ electrical/ mechanical installations. These cavities can then be insulated, vapor retarded & finished to suit using standard construction techniques and to meet a variety of energy/ insulation requirements.

Our standard wall system provides R-value from R31 to R43 depending on final cavity insulation.

Roof Systems

We lead the industry with our R37, R50, & R60 engineered roof build ups, providing energy efficiency and structural integrity as a cost effective solution to enclosing the most complex timber homes & commercial structures. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop custom roof enclosures for unique applications throughout North America.

Windows & Doors

We are a certified provider of Loewen, a LEED & Energy Star certified designer & manufacturer of luxury windows and doors. Their attention to craftsmanship & authentic materials is parallel to Canadian Timberframes values.

From Douglas Fir timber curtain walls, to bifold doors, to Direct Set windows, Loewen offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and functionalities that elevates architecture.

Stairs & Railings

We build custom stairs & railing using the exceptional kiln dried, tight grained, slow growing Douglas Fir that the Columbia valley is famous for. We also supply custom stair treads & materials for custom applications, along with custom designed and fabricated steel.

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