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Range Pricing For Timber Frame Homes

Canadian Timberframes estimated range pricing for our portfolio designs

PRICING & Packages

We appreciate how difficult it can be to fully understand the estimated overall construction costs of a home. We encourage you to consult with your local build firms for suggested square foot costs in your area. Below you will find a table that lays out range timber frame pricing based off of our in-house customizable designs.


Estimated Range Pricing (CDN $)
House Plan Sq. Ft.
Timber Frame Package* Lock Up Material Package** Approx. Total Turn-key Cost***
Includes finished basement areas
Sweetwater Cabin 1236 $119000 - $133000 $275200 - $298000 $556200 - $741600
Split Rock Place 1823 $129900 - $143400 $365000 - $389000 $766080 - $1093800
Cozy Inlet 2128 $176300 - $188100 $488500 - $499800 $820350 - $1276800
The Lake House 2478 $172500 - $190800 $482000 - $506000 $892080 - $1239000
Bragg Creek 3085 $179000 - $219000 $564000 - $581000 $1079750 - $1851000
Rustic Redstone 3581 $202000 - $239000 $545000 - $579000 $1253350 - $2148600
Elk River 4233 $225000 - $265000 $590000 - $636000 $1481550 - $2539800
Bear Rock 4784 $251000 - $289000 $636000 - $718000 $1674400 - $2870400
Sandpoint 4832 $254000 - $279000 $646000 - $667000 $1691200 - $2899200
Whytecliff 4833 $269000 - $282000 $665000 - $686000 $1691550 - $2899800
Hidden Valley 4860 $255000 - $293000 $645000 - $730000 $1701000 - $2916000
Columbia Valley 5100 $266000 - $308000 $677000 - $766000 $1785000 - $3060000
Osprey Point 6150 $327000 - $372000 $817000 - $923000 $1845000 - $3075000
De Winton Steepe 6266 $339000 - $393000 $863000 - $975000 $1879800 - $3133000
Lake of Bays 7693 $386000 - $409000 $900000 - $933000 $2307900 - $3846500

NOTE: Canadian Timberframes provides Timber Frame Packages & Lock Up Material Packages only. We do not provide turn-key services.

Please consult with your local build firms for their suggested SQ FT cost for your area. The Turn-Key Range pricing is an estimate based on a sliding scale from $350/sq ft to $600/sq ft factoring in economies of scale. Contractors may quote below or above this pricing range.

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What is included in each of the packages?

* Timber Frame Package
** Lock Up Material Package (material only) - this includes the Timber Frame Package plus contents as below.

*** Turn-key estimate includes all aspects, from foundation to furnishings of ready to move in house - this pricing is for educational purposes only. Please talk to your local build firms for cost per sq ft in your area.


Custom Timber Frame Package *


  • No. 1 and BTR grade Douglas-fir timber frame 
  • All timbers are cut from seasoned interior logs, all sourced locally from sustainable, managed forests
  • Developing & detailing 3-D timber frame model and 2-D review drawings
  • Structural review of timber frame drawings
  • Planed S4S, Antiqued, or custom finished
  • All timbers 8x8 and smaller FOHC
  • Cutting joinery detail on timbers
  • One coat factory applied standard colour Sansin UV protectant stain
  • One coat factory applied Sansin ENS clear top coat
  • Supply of Sansin ENS clear top coat for onsite touch ups (by client/contractor) 
  • End sealing timbers to slow drying & reduce checking
  • Oak pegs & timber fasteners
  • Adjustable Post Base Connectors
  • Custom metal connectors if required

Note: Snowloads and engineering requirements will affect timber frame costs. Shipping not included in pricing & will be based on location.


Lock-Up Material Package **


  • Custom Timber Frame Package - as listed above
  • Pre-stained 2x8 T&G Ceiling Decking - kiln-dried Douglas-fir
  • CTF EWP (engineered wood product) sub floor systems for the main and second floors
  • CTF Pre-Fabricated Engineered Wall System - R20 or greater based on system and requirements
  • CTF Engineered Built-up Roof System - R37 or R50 (custom available, if required)
  • Window & Exterior Door Package - aluminum clad, wood interior 
  • CTF Siding, Trim & Fascia package - your choice of a variety of profiles and finishes

Note: Price does not include excavation & foundation and installation labor associated with the timber frame enclosure system and material package. Contact a Canadian Timberframes representative for budget pricing for these items. Shipping not included in pricing & will be based on location.


Turn-key **

Canadian Timberframes does not provide this type of service. We are simply providing this type of estimating cost, as an FYI estimate to educate prospective clients around 'all in costs'.

The Full Turnkey estimate covers every aspect from foundation to ready to move in, including fitted kitchen & bathrooms, and services: electricity, plumbing within the home's footprint. This turn key estimate does not include excessive site and service costs ie: blasting, retainage, well, septic, gas, electric, tap fees) these items must be calculated on a project specific basis and would be additional to the total turn key costs, This price will vary with the materials you choose to finish your home. Please contact us to discuss what further services we may be able to offer you.




What is the cost per square foot to build a timber frame house?

The cost per square foot for a timber frame house is dependent on many factors. The estimated costs below are based on actual designs shown in our portfolio section and are presented to help you gain a better understanding of the range pricing we have seen over many years of gathering historical pricing.



What factors impacts the price of a timber frame home?


Home location: Labour rates and access to labour, difficulty of site conditions, shipping costs, permitting and servicing fees are all factors.

Site Constraints: Is your land on a slope?

Engineering Requirements : Snow, wind and seismic.

Size of home: Economies of scale are a factor where a larger home can contribute to a lower cost per square foot based on some fixed costs that are now distributed over a larger footprint.

Complexity of design: Implementing construction detailing that is less understood and cost effective on complex homes will often add cost. Roof lines, angles of roof and the number of Square corners on your floor plan will also impact cost.
Fit and Finish: The interior choices of finishing and detailing has a huge impact on overall construction costs, from floor coverings, light fixtures, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and can dramatically affect price.

Square Footage: Based on livable heated spaces and excludes screened porches, porches and decks.

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