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Timber frame buildings can be designed into anything making it as modern and flexible as steel or concrete but the use of wood is not hidden but structural. Offering warmth and attractiveness of the exposed wood with a host of benefits that empower commercial construction in durability, design flexibility, and environmental friendliness. Built with strong mortise and tenon joints, they are capable of withstanding extreme amounts of pressure and have innate fire resistance. In addition to these practical benefits, a timber frame structure is an eye-catching conversation piece that will play a memorable part of your business in the years to come.

For almost 2 decades Canadian Timberframes has been a leader in heavy timber construction and involved in designing, manufacturing and installing many large commercial timber projects. We have the capability of meeting production schedules, preparing detailed bid proposals for fixed rate contracts, contract administration and meeting or exceeding contracted engineering and construction specifications. Let us help you with your commercial project.


Benefits of Timber Frame Construction

Wood is the only major renewable structural material. It is natually aesthetic, adaptable, energy efficient & durable.

Wood has natural sound damping properties and more sound damping capacity than most structural materials which helps in an commecial environment especially resturants & or chalets or lodges. With floor, ceiling and wall assemblies of wood it can provide effective, economical sound insulation and absorption when properly installed. 

Safe, Strong & Sophisticated

In North America there is a growing interest in wood as a sustainable building material for commercial structures. Canadian Timberframes are specialists within this space; we have field tested knowledge through our many aggressive commercial structures we have created over the years.

We honor the craft of timber framing but don’t stop there - we can create innovative engineered wood beams and offer a unique mix of experience coupled with our products & services that elevate our commercial structures. Glulam is often mixed with solid timbers and is a highly innovative construction material that can deliver on strength, beauty & reliability much like timber.

We support architects, engineers and builders in their pursuit to design and construct exceptional beauty. And invite you to connect with us around your next timber project.

Flexibility & Versatility in Size

Timber framing allows for great flexibility, with its ability to span large distances, timber frame construction has historically been used to create expansive spaces. Let us help you incorporate timber into your next commercial building.

A Commercial Case Study - Wood Vs Steel Structure

The brewery was initially designed to be a steel building, but preliminary cost estimates were over-budget. An alternative conceptual design was made based on exposed heavy timber construction. The resulting timber building met all the building science challenges, saved money, and better met the Rocky Mountain architectural design motif of Canmore.

This case study was pulled together by Canadian Wood Council, Wood Works and Canadian Timberframes. Read the whole case study here.

Projects in COMMERCIAL

Halibut Point Cruise Terminal


Banff Park Distillery Timber Frame


Timber Frame Executive Office Fort McMurray


Grizzly Paw Brewery


Baxter's Landing Oshawa


Iron Goat, Pub & Grill


Eagles Eye Restaurant


Kicking Horse Ski Day Lodge


Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge


Laramie Valley Chapel


Parallel Chord Truss Dry Shed


Montage Big Sky Luxury Resort


Banff National Park Gate


Kellys Landing Bar Grill Hub Restaurant


Home Hardware


Richardson Camp Fort McMurray


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