Getting started on your Timber Structure

The Timber Frame Process

Getting Started

Building your custom home or structure can be a complex & stressful process. Our goal is to provide you with the industry knowledge and guidance you need to make the process as seamless as possible.

Step 1 | Education

We believe it is important to understand the process of building with timber frame, the different styles and options, and factors that affect cost of building with timber frame. The greater the understanding, the more confident you will be in your decisions.

Learn The Basics

Step 2 | Purchase Land

Design and cost are directly associated with the purchase of your land. Understanding the complexity of the land and geographic location can affect the overall cost of your project and impact your design. We have seen huge success from clients that have communicated with their local contractor when purchasing land. This can mitigate any unforeseen risks and costs.

Step 3 | Hire Your Team

Canadian Timberframes best practice is to collaborate with your team of Architects, Designers, Interior Designers, and Contractors. We want to create an efficient project with ample communication. If you are in need of consulting to build your team, let your Sales Representative know.

Step 4 | Design (& Engineering)

If you would like CTF to design your home we will get you to sign a design agreement, once you have had initial discussions with us and decided on your budget and style.

If you would like to work with an Architectural Firm, they will complete your drawings then submit your drawings to our team for quoting. The detailed floor plans will be converted into a 3D timber frame model, which in turn helps us, price the cost of your frame as well as our full enclosure package if you choose to go that route.

Step 5 | Production

By the end of the design phase, you will have your 3D model and 2D review drawings. Once there has been sign off, we will send your logs that have been drying in our yard to the sawmill to be cut to size. It is then sent to our shop to get programmed joinery, planned, hand cut, and stained. Our team will package and ship out your timber when your contractor is ready for raising.

Step 6 | Ship

Our team will ship out your package once it has been manufactured and packaged with the appropriate documents. If you have site constraints, let us know, as we may be able to phase your shipments if space is tight.

We have shipped our timber frame across the world, from within 20km of our facility all the way to New Zealand via shipping container. We have shipped to islands via barges and used helicopters to fly to remote locations.

Step 7 | Construction

Our Sales & Marketing Team will stay in touch with you or your contractor throughout the building process to make sure everything runs smoothly. We request photos during the construction phase and upon completion so that others may find inspiration as well (and our team loves seeing the timber come to life!).

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