The primary accountability of this positions is organization of log yard, sawing logs to required dimensions, supervision and direction to Tail Sawyer, carry out maintenance requirements and servicing on the mill equipment and heavy duty equipment and ensure safety standards are met


  1. Participate in log selection process.
  2. Buck all sawmill orders as required.
  3. Process all bucked logs in the sawmill to timber specifications required.
  4. Maintain sawmill equipment in a cost-effective manner to minimize downtime
  5. Responsible for providing supervision and direction of the Tail Sawyer
  6. Responsible for organization of log yard
  7. Responsible for ensuring that clean-up of mill and log yard are kept to meet personnel safety, fire safety, operational and aesthetic requirements
  8. Ensure heavy duty equipment is serviced on a regular schedule and maintained in a safe operating and cost-effective manner.
  9. Unload log & timber trucks upon arrival in the yard.
  10. Provide assistance in shop, planning, finishing, packaging and loading out trucks as requested.
  11. Other duties as assigned.


Experience in cutting timbers for timber frame construction.

Able to operate heavy duty wheel log loaders, head rig circular saws, Woodmizer bandsaw and forklifts.

Able to carry-out maintenance requirements and servicing on the mill equipment and heavy-duty equipment.

Works safely and independently


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