Ouray Mountain Home

This home has been designed to be a four-season retreat for our client in one of the most spectacularly remote areas in Ouray. The drive alone to their mountain retreat, is in itself, an extreme mountain adventure! They wanted to build a cozy retreat that is welcoming to both family, guests and celebrate the surrounding features of their natural playground.

The home boasts a large screened in room, with extended deck and basement which leads out to a large patio, all features that extend the living space throughout the warmer seasons, while the garage with access to the basement allows one to leave the house in the winter without facing the elements.

Special thanks to Maves Construction who have been amazing partners to work with on this project. As you can see by the photos this has been a challenging and rewarding work site for the Maves team.

Timber Frame | Teak
T & G | Russet Brown