Wall Panels v SIPs

Timber Frame Wall Panels

Canadian Timberframes Wall Panel Enclosure System vs Structured Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Our wall panels are designed to the exact specifications of your project and are pre cut for windows and doors. Once installed they provide an energy efficient and well insulated timber frame home.

CTF Wall Panel Enclosure System

The Canadian Timberframes wall panel is a prefabricated exterior wall enclosure system developed to create the thermal envelope that is fastened to the timber frame structure.

All of the timber frame and wall components are designed in one 3D model and detailed shop drawings are produced for each wall panel, this way assembly onsite will be as straight forward as possible. These drawings are utilized for both fabrication at our facility and for assembly on site.

The CTF wall panel is designed and manufactured specifically for each individual project meaning they are pre cut to interface with the timber structure, beam notches, point loads, windows and doors. Spec & orientation of sidings are also anticipated before manufacturing allowing all wall systems to be detailed & manufactured to accept a variety of exterior siding applications. Interior wall cavities are left open for ease of standard plumbing/ electrical/ mechanical installations. These cavities can then be insulated, vapor retarded & finished to suit using standard construction techniques and to meet a variety of energy/ insulation requirements.

Why use our Wall Panel Enclosure System

  • Efficient onsite installation
  • Flexible plumbing, electrical and mechanical installation
  • Energy efficient, well insulated and air tight
  • Designed and manufactured to interface with your timber frame structure
  • Less material

Difference between CTF Wall Panel Enclosure System & Traditional SIPs

  • Our wall cavities are left open to allow for plumbing, electrical and mechanical installation.
  • Our system is more economical as our timber frame structure is the structural component of the home, not the wall and roof systems that are needed in SIP packages
  • Designed and pre cut specifically for your project.

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