Winter 2017 Newsletter

2017 Economic forecast is better than 2016 – What a relief!

U.S. economic outlook for 2017 is looking healthy according to experts with several indicators suggesting that it just might be one thing we won’t need to worry about this year! A bit of good news for many, I am sure. We have seen this new found relief with clients, over the past few months, as many projects that were ‘on hold’ for years are now being resurrected. This year seems to be the year. We are starting off the year with many new projects moving forward in: Colorado, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Montana along with various locations throughout Canada.

2017 looks to be a prosperous year as we continue to say goodbye to the effects of the financial crisis and look forward to a stronger future working closely with many Design & Building Professionals. We truly look forward to serving you. 

Jeff Bowes

President & Owner

Canadian Timberframes

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