Why Use an Architect? And What is the Value in It?



So, you have been thinking for years about building your own home or maybe doing an addition to your existing home because your family is growing.  But, the task seems just too daunting.  How do I know that this is the right move to make?  How will I ever begin the process? 


 Have you ever thought about using an architect for your project?    Does using an architect on your new home project really add value?  Well, I believe it does and here’s why:


-Process.  An architect can guide you on where to begin and the correct steps to complete your project.


-Spatial organization:  An architect can make your spaces more functional, efficient and comfortable.  You can get something that is tailored to your specific needs. 


-Specific site conditions: Architects can perform site studies, research municipal requirements and secure planning and zoning approvals.


-Sustainable “Green” design:  Most architects are experts in sustainable design.  They can help you in using recycled materials, green roofs, solar panels, natural light, air and water treatment systems as well as many other green practices.


-Budget management:  Architects can assist in helping you understand what the overall cost of the project might be.  They can also save you money through the creative use of space and materials.


-Builder selection:  An architect can help you in selecting a builder that is right for both you and your project.  Typically, architects have worked with many builders and have insight to who might be best fit to your specific project.


-Creativity:  Architects are trained to present options that you might not have considered. They have the ability to lift your project out of the everyday and create something that is both beautiful and distinctive as well as efficient and environmentally responsible.


This is all good and well, but can’t a designer or draftsperson do the same job as an architect?  The answer is no.  Unlike designers, architects are trained to add not only creativity to your project, but valuable technical skills and analysis of your particular needs.  Therefore, an architect adds value to your project and brings it out of the ordinary.  You will end up with a better product (and better place to live!) in the end.


So, if you find yourself asking “Should I really spend that extra money on an architect?”  remind yourself that it is totally worth it and you will be so happy you did!