Our Summer 2017 Newsletter

Celebrating Canada’s Sesquicentennial! !50 years!

This year has been an interesting & crazy ride so far. With the political changes, economic activity and trade talks, this year has started & continued with a boom, as we say goodbye to the effects of the financial crisis. Plus a pretty big deal for our country – We are celebrating our 150th anniversary, also known as the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

We are proud of the country we live in and proud to be building a business here with one of our most prominent renewable resources, BC Wood. Here are a few more facts to be proud of while celebrating our 150th: 

  • Canada has 347 Million hectares of forest land
  • Less than 0.3% of Canada’s forests are harvested annually
  • Less than 0.02% of Canada’s forests are deforested each year,
  • Plus 100% of forests harvested must be successfully regenerated.

So, we are not only proud of our country but the measures we take to protect one of the world’s most renewable resources.

We hope you enjoy reading through our summer newsletter & all of the exciting new projects on the go.

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