Shipping at Canadian Timberframes



It was a busy morning at our mills & manufacturing facility we loaded three trucks that are heading across the country to a few of our projects under various stages of construction.  The trucks are bound for Fernie, BC; Canmore, Alberta and the last off to Kenora, Ontario.  But before they all head out, another heavy tarp will be added to each load to protect the timber components during trucking.

What’s under the tarps you ask?
The Fernie truck is the 3rd timberframe home we have shipped in the last 3 months to this destination.  We were shipping the frame for a chalet as well as, the T&G for last 2 homes that are now ready for their flooring, walls & roof systems. Just in case you were curious….we were shipping 6 lifts of timberframe & 8 lifts of T&G on this truck.

The Canmore truck was shipping a complete timberframe package.  The framing will start immediately; starting with the basement timbers then moving on to their main floor.  The timbers shipped are highly polished, smooth furniture grade finish for this contemporary home.  On the truck we loaded 9 lifts (ranging from 10-22ft in length) of timberframe components and one pallet of hardware.

The Kenora home had it’s timber raising already, so they are now ready to start their install of the floors, ceilings & timber deck. T&G shipped has a heavy lacquered finished with custom made heavy steel metal works for interior & exterior architectural finishes.

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