Black Forest Residence

This is a story of tragedy & triumph. A family of 5 lost their dream home to the Black Forest Fire of 2013; where 509 homes were said to be destroyed. The most destructive fire in the state's history!

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, this family started the recovery process - dealing with their loss and starting to restructure their lives again. They have built on their old lot, at the top of a hill; where their new timber frame home stands as a symbol for what they have lost, what they have, and what is to come.

Canadian Timberframes is extraordinarily proud to be a part of creating this new dream home!


“As a building professional for over 3 decades, I am very familiar with various levels of quality and service provided by organizations in our industry. I can say with confidence that my experience with the products and services from Canadian Timberframes has been exceptional, and I would highly recommend them to any clients throughout the US interested in creating an extraordinary timber frame home”

A J Guarino Jr Guarino Construction