The primary accountability of this position is to build / frame pre-fabricated components, finish and package timber products and ensure the highest standards of quality control are adhered to every step in the process.


  1. Be in constant communication with the Shop leads as to which project should be next to being completed and coordinating the day-to-day work load with his/her co-workers
  2. Executing instructions as per the drawings and shop traveler on all pre-fabrication of timber frame and wall panel projects
  3. Organizing flow of material in the most efficient manner on current and upcoming projects
  4. Ensuring all shop power tools are equipped for proper use and in good / safe working order
  5. Finishing connection details on timbers with hand and power tools
  6. Test fitting connections, checking timber cross sections and inspecting timbers for defects ensuring grades and visual qualities are met
  7. Sanding, staining and end sealing timbers
  8. Packaging and shipping timber frame and material packages
  9. Cleaning work areas, machines, or equipment, to maintain a clean and safe work area
  10. Assist with timber frame raisings and material package installations at various site locations
  11. Tail sawing (if required)
  12. Special projects (i.e.; renovations, expansions and etc.)




Basic knowledge of drawings and their interpretation.

Ability to perform tasks with minimum supervision.

Proficiency in operating powered hand tools and any other tooling that would be required to finish our product.

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