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We are always trying to keep our clients up-to-date with interesting things about custom timberframe homes, as well as Log & Timber Home Shows in Canada and the United States.

Kogan Builders Inc

Kogan Builders are celebrating 20 years in Business

Update: Kogan Builders has become Asher Custom Homes as of 2021! We look forward to continue working with them.

Kogan Builders are based in Durango, CO and are proud to be celebrating their 20th Anniversary in 2019. They have built a reputation for award winning design and building beautiful homes. Their commitment to clients has resulted in Kogan Builders being the largest and most well known custom home builder in Durango and Southwest Colorado.

They specialise in medium to high end custom homes. Their design-build model with degreed in-house architectural designers and degreed interior designers are able to offer their clients superior design services.  Their construction team then takes over once design is completed in building great homes on budget and on time with superior quality.

President Alix Kogan says it all starts with their employees. “We have built a team of construction professionals in all areas of the business.  From our craftsman who trim out all of our homes to site supervisors each with over 30 years of experience in building homes to our Project Managers. We also differentiated from our competition with award winning design and our design-build model.”

Kogan Builders are currently working with CTF on two projects near Durango, CO. Vesper Ranch and the Durango Timber Frame. They have years of experiencing building beautiful timber frame homes in the mountain landscape Colorado is famous for. “We love incorporating timber framing into our homes as we appreciate seeing the structure exposed, and the beautiful craftsmanship of true timber framing.”

Canadian Timberframes is looking forward to seeing the finished result of our two current projects with Kogan Builders. They have an outstanding team with a deep knowledge of the industry and are highly respected. We can’t wait to work with them on more timber frame homes in the south west of Colorado.

Lake of Bays Custom Homes

Lake of Bays Custom Homes creating beautiful homes with CTF in Ontario

Lake of Bays Custom Homes was established in 2009 by Tim Lamb. We have partnered with them on the Lake of Bays Haven and Hidden Ridge Alpine Home projects in Ontario. The Lake of Bays Haven home has also been featured in Timber Home Livings Welcome Home Series. and Hideaways Magazine.

They are based out of Port Sydney in Muskoka and service from Gravenhurst to Burks Falls and Dorset to Lake Muskoka in Ontario. They provide complete project management and quality turnkey custom homes and cottages, striving to offer the best to their customers, something you will quickly realize when you choose to work with them.

Tim and his team take time to do things correctly rather than taking the easy or quicker way of doing things. “I think one thing that makes us stand out is our flexibility. We try to accommodate special requests by our clients and we are always willing to try new products and methods. We have built our customer base through hard work and determination, something which has allowed us to become the company we are today”

The Hidden Alpine Ridge Project gave Tim and his team the first opportunity to work with CTF “The product quality in the entire package was like night and day ahead of others. The fitting of all the timber joinery was amazing. Any product shortages were quickly resolved by their team and any technical issues were clarified and quickly resolved. Team work at its finest.”

 “I enjoy working with the CTF team because everyone wants the same outcome at the end of the project as I do, which is a satisfied customer. After the sale is made their team continues to support me the builder and the customer.” Delivering on projects and seeing the happiness on his client’s faces is what keeps bringing Tim back to timber frame homes. “The thing that I love most about a timber frame designed home is the satisfaction of building something unique and the sense of accomplishment at the end of the project.”

Canadian Timberframes is fortunate to have industry partners like Lake of Bays Custom Homes with the knowledge, skills and integrity to create stunning timber frame homes. Without builders like them  we wouldn’t have the quality homes and projects like we do in Ontario and across North America. We look forward to the next Muskoka project that our teams can work together on.

Guarino Construction

Guarino Construction have partnered with CTF on projects for over 10 years

Guarino Construction is a family operated business which was founded in 2003 by AJ & Paulette Guarino. Our most recent project with them was the Colorado Springs Timber Frame Home which was completed in July 2018.

Based in Colorado Springs, Guarino Construction are a full service construction and consulting firm with five decades of experience specialize in construction consulting, design/build projects and custom timber frame super insulated homes. They are a full disclosure organization that allows their customers to see all project financials. This builds transparent trust that founder and owner AJ Guarino says is the cornerstone to their business. “This company grew out of the journey and experience of building in different areas of the country and through the diversity of many building economies.  We've learned how important it is to maintain trust, integrity and value while creating quality connective relationships through each project.”

AJ and his team begin each project with the "end in mind".  This level of reflectiveness and vision allows for the challenges to be discovered, discussed and corrected before the build. “Our detailed craftsmanship and quality is the centre of our focus.  Caring about quality, regardless of who's looking...is not something you can train but it is built into the heart of our team.”

The structural strength and beauty of the craftsmanship, along with the feel and warmth created by the openness is what draws AJ to Timber Frame designs. “Words cannot fully capture my love and passion for the pure beauty of an authentic timber frame.  The art of using joinery to blend one timber into another to create one continued structure like they did with the temples in Japan. Ours may be simplified but still built with honor and pride. My team and I are still struck in awe by the rhythmical and harmonious nature of a standing timber frame up against an open sky surrounded by the environment before it gets closed into becoming someone’s home.”

The first project CTF and Guarino Construction partnered on was also in Colorado Springs. The Black Forest Timber Frame Home, which gave AJ and his team a firsthand opportunity to work with our team. “They consistently deliver a unified quality of service throughout their team regardless of what phase you are in your project. They merge professionalism and friendliness like two spiraled trees conceived in one root system. Their 3d conceptual drawings are inspiring and a visual pragmatic dream for me and my customers. Their "service synergy" delivers on the construction site as well, through consistent organized craftsmanship. You get the feeling this team is on site with you, every step of the construction process.”

“Often when I speak about Canadian Timberframes, my enthusiasm for their product, service, and quality is so deep with detail that people mistakenly think I work for them.  In the mid 80's and early 90's we were building timber frame homes by hand. Designing on paper a one dimensional timber frame plan, then laying out all the mortises and tenons for others to rough out so that I could come behind and fit and finish the joinery. My experience has given me a wide perceptive and gratitude for the comprehensive service CTF provides. Working with Canadian Timberframes is like working with a professional supportive friend who stays with you until the homeowner turns the key to their beautiful timber frame masterpiece.”

AJ has witnessed the technological development of the timber frame industry especially the development of wall panel and roof insulation systems which CTF manufactures at our facility “The integration of these systems with a timber frame creates a home where function meets form.  These systems deliver a quieter, better insulated home that profoundly needs fewer resources to heat and cool while exposing the entire beauty of the timber frame. This technology has created an effective answer to the environment and it's extremely efficient to erect with no on-site material waste.”

Canadian Timberframes is proud to have industry partners with the integrity and knowledge of Guarino Construction, without them we would not be able to deliver such a comprehensive product that results in beautiful timber frame homes leaving our clients in Colorado extremely pleased that they spoke to Guarino Construction and Canadian Timberframes. We can’t to start on our next home with them in the United States.

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