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We are always trying to keep our clients up-to-date with interesting things about custom timberframe homes, as well as Log & Timber Home Shows in Canada and the United States.

2020 Spring Cottage Life Show March 26 - March 29

There are 2 great reasons to drop by the CTF booth at the Spring Cottage Life Show

1. We have built a solid reputation as one of the world's premiere timber frame companies not only because of our quality, precision, and passion but because we truly care about our clients needs.

2. Our custom wall & roof systems + additional components offer exceptional value during the installation process and provide an efficient & cost effective solution. Offering cost savings to home owners & time savings to builders in various ways.

Canadian Timberframes offers decades of experience working with clients throughout Ontario and we would love to meet up with you between March 26 - March 29, at the International Centre, Mississauga during the Spring Cottage Life Show.

PS.  We would like to provide you with two complimentary tickets to the show if you are interested in attending, please contact us.

Here are the details of the Spring Cottage Life Show. If you are interested in two complimentary tickets please contact us.

We are passionate about our work. The Canadian Timberframes philosophy has always been to provide our North American clients, builders and architects with personal timely service, attention to detail, outstanding quality and exceptional value. Check out projects in Ontario and contact us to discuss your timber frame requirements.

2020 Calgary Home & Garden Show February 27 - March 1

There are 2 great reasons to drop by the CTF booth #221 at the Calgary Home & Garden Show

1. We have built a solid reputation as one of the world's premiere timber frame companies not only because of our quality, precision, and passion but because we truly care about our clients needs.

2. Our custom wall & roof systems + additional components offer exceptional value during the installation process and provide an efficient & cost effective solution. Offering cost savings to home owners & time savings to builders in various ways.

Canadian Timberframes offers decades of experience working with clients throughout Alberta & BC and we would love to meet up with you between February 27 - March 1, at the BMO Centre & Corral in Stampede Park during the Calgary Home & Garden Show.

PS.  We would like to provide you with two complimentary tickets to the show if you are interested in attending, please contact us.

Here are the details of the Calgary Home & Garden Show. If you are interested in two complimentary tickets please contact us.

We are passionate about our work. The Canadian Timberframes philosophy has always been to provide our North American clients, builders and architects with personal timely service, attention to detail, outstanding quality and exceptional value. Check out projects in Alberta and contact us to discuss your timber frame requirements.

CTF Employee Choice Christmas Awards

CTF Christmas Awards

This year after suggestions from staff we had the first CTF Employee Choice Christmas Awards. Staff voted across 7 categories for colleagues who they felt represented the values for each of the following awards

  • Constant Caution
  • Happy Camper
  • The Parent
  • Rock Star Rookie
  • All Day Every Day
  • MacGyver
  • Prankster

A great initiative and something fun for us to present at last weekends Christmas Party at the Rockwater in Golden. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to all staff for a successful 2019.

Constant Caution, For ensuring the safety of the team members, always being careful to avoid problems of danger. Taya Young

Happy Camper, For always being a ray of sunshine, employee who can find humor in almost anything and continues to approach life with energy and zest, for being kind, hopeful and positive. Alex Lathion

The Parent, Employee who displays extraordinary integrity and generosity towards team members, the person you go to with questions or concerns and they’re always there to give a helping hand. Judy Wikman

Rock Star Rookie, Newcomer who is extremely good at what they do, the employee who has risen to the occasion and has been all around wonderful. Leo Mitzel

All Day Every day, the employee who never seems to take a day off, dedicated to a fault. Rick Schacher

MacGyver ,for the employee who is always fixing things in a creative, resourceful improvised way, making use of whatever items are at hand. Cael Bowes

Prankster, employee who is the life of the party, always causing uproarious laughter amongst the team. Adam Morrison

2019 Golden Christmas Parade

Frosty The Snowman

The 2019 Golden Christmas Parade was held on Saturday and Canadian Timberframes were proud to support the event and spread the Christmas spirit. The theme for this years parade was Christmas Carols and the CTF team decided on Frosty the Snowman for the float and they pulled it off incredibly well. The float, decorations and costumes were awesome! The staff and their kids had a great night.

Special thanks to everyone who helped build the float and who were there on the night to make sure it was an enjoyable evening.

The Q3 CTF Duct Tape Award is Presented to David Gagne

CTF Celebrates Duct Tape Award & Staff 5 Year Anniversary

The Q3 Duct Tape Award was presented to Sales Rep David Gagne at our Quarterly Town Hall in October. David jumped in & took initiative to ensure client satisfaction & quality on our new staining machine. You put work clothes on, got involved with test runs and finishing out first T&G order for your client!

Logistics and Operations Manager Alex Lathion also celebrated 5 years at Canadian Timberframes. Congratulatons to the both of you and thank you for stepping up and embracing the challenges before you.

Decagon King Post for Colorado Home

Fort Collins Timber Frame Featuring Decagon Great Room

This Fort Collins, CO home is 10,228 Sq Ft and Canadian Timbeframes provided the timber frame for the Decagon Great Room & Kitchen. The decagon design of the Great Room allows it to span 55 Ft!

This home was designed by David Hueter and is currently under construction by Province Custom Builders. The production images highlight the team working on the King Post which gives you a perspective on how big the Great Room/ Kitchen is. See more production images and learn about the design features on the project page located here.


Watch and Learn about the Finishing Stages of Timber Frame Production

Learn about the different stages of Timber Frame Production

Canadian Timberframes President Jeff Bowes explains the different stages of production as our Lake Erie timber frame project moves from the burn and brush treatment through to staining and finally getting packaged to ship out to Ontario from our manufacturing facility in Golden, British Columbia.

The 3 bedroom home features stunning timber frame detail with a vaulted ceiling great room and a covered porch off the kitchen and dining area. With the screened porch off the master bedroom they have the perfect blend of space for the different seasons. Special thanks to Class 5 Design for the beautiful design and stay tuned for further updates as the timbers get raised on this Port Dover home.

Learn More About Our Antique Finish - Rough Sawn Rustic Look

Why Burn Your Timber Frame? Learn More About Our Rough Sawn Antique Finish

We can provide a range of factory finishes for your timber frame from planed, to antique or distressed. Our rough sawn antique finish is very popular among clients as it gives you a rich rustic look and is also a permanent treatment. It can be finished with any of our stains as showcased on the table below. The Hill Top Retreat project pictured below in Collingwood, ON used our antique finish as to achieve the rural farmhouse style appearance the clients were looking for.

Douglas Fir is great to use as its softer wood burns easily lifting the grain. We use a blowtorch over the rough sawn surface until we get the desired colour and then use a wire brush before staining to give the timber an aged look. This process is also more economical than using reclaimed timber which we can work with but it is hard to source and comes at a premium.

The below video shows Patrick one of our carpenters working on a custom compression ring for an elevator shaft from our Wyoming project. Patrick is using the blowtorch to give the timber its antique finish. After this it will be brushed and taken to the shop floor to be stained.

Contact us to discuss the custom finishes we can provide for your timber frame project.


2nd place for Canadian Timberframes at the Golden 24

We go one better in 2019! 2nd place for CTF at the Golden 24

The Golden Two-Four presented by TransRockies Race Series offers 24 hours mountain biking on some of the best trails in BC. The race is held on the mountain shadows trail network at the base of Mount 7. Western Canada’s only 24 hour mountain bike race features a challenging 14.5km course with 550 metres of elevation for the 470 competitors and has different individual and team categories across the 8 and 24 hour races. We entered the corporate category after finishing 3rd in 2018.

We went one better in 2019! Finishing 2nd after completing 20 laps in 23 hours 2 minutes . That’s 290km and 11,000m of elevation. Our team of 10 were amazing and we are extremely proud of them. All of their training and commitment was rewarded with a great result.

It is always great to support a local event, thank you to Lupine, TransRockies, The Golden Cycling Club and the community of Golden for making this event such a success. The planning has already begun for 2020! Check out the video highlights of the CTF team in action.

Our Team

Jeff Parker (Captain)

Alex Lathion

Cael Bowes

David Gagne

Joachim Strobel

Logan Winters

Martina Bartol

Matt Pilon

Mike Majkowski

Mike Prete

Salvaged Logs after the 2017 & 2018 BC Wildfires

Salvaged Logs Coming into CTF

After two record-breaking wildfire seasons we have started to see burnt logs coming into our yard after being hand selected by our team.

More than 1.35 million hectares burned across British Columbia in 2018, surpassing the previous year’s total by more than 100,000 hectares. Burnt logs can be salvaged and produce exceptional fiber and timber.

CTF is always on the hunt for drier timber so we are known to logging operations as a reliable buyer of dead standing and fire killed timber. This drier material is actually less valuable to plywood and veneer mills as it is too dry to peel so our timber frame requirements help “find homes” for these trees that have met a shorter life span. Learn more about our timber frame process here.

We are hopeful that 2019 won’t see a repeat of the previous 2 summers and we will continue to use salvaged logs where we can and support the sustainable management of British Columbia’s forests.

Kootenay Business Podcast - Talking Timber with Jeff and Stephanie Bowes

CTF is Celebrating 20 Years

Kootenay Business featured us on their latest KB Podcast and in their January magazine publication as 2019 sees us celebrate our 20th Anniversary! CTF was founded in 1999 and Jeff became a partner in 2011. Then he and Stephanie became sole owners on January 1, 2017. We are one of Golden's largest employers with 39 employees and the company has experienced significant growth in recent years.

Please have a listen to the podcast below as publisher Keith Powell interviews Jeff & Stephanie to learn more about CTF, the trends and opportunities facing the timber frame industry and the growth we are experiencing.

The full article can be found here on the Kootenay Business website.

Lake of Bays – The Makings of a Lakeside Legacy

Drafting the Dream

Our Lake of Bays Haven project is being featured by Timber Home Living in their Welcome Home Series. The feature will follow the project giving timber enthusiasts an in-depth & up close look into the steps of building a timber frame home.

The feature will appear in the next four editions of Timber Home Living, with the first article in the May/June edition and on the Timber Home Living website.

1st article - May/June edition - Understand the design process and how we work with you on developing your dream home.

2nd article - July/August - Learn about the early construction process and components of the dried in shell.

3rd article - September/ October - Learn about the final construction stage and exterior design details.

4th article - November/ December - Explore the fully finished home.

Lake of Bays Haven Project Page

Explore the construction and completed images of the build which highlight the beautiful design and stunning location in Muskoka, Ontario.

Portfolio Design

We loved our Lake of Bays project some much that it is now one of our portfolio designs with detailed floor plans, elevations and estimated range pricing available for you to review before contacting our sales associates.

The Rockies Meet Muskoka - Hideaways Magazine

Lake of Bays Haven featured in Hideaways Magazine

Our Lake of Bays Haven project is featured in the latest Hideaways Magazine. The article showcases the custom architectural elements that went into the design after we worked closely with the client to incorporate the features they were looking for. Be sure to read more about this stunning Muskoka cottage.

The article is available on the Hideaways Magazine website.

Lake of Bays Haven Project Page

Explore the construction and completed images of the build which highlight the beautiful design and stunning location in Muskoka, Ontario.

Portfolio Design

We loved our Lake of Bays project some much that it is now one of our portfolio designs with detailed floor plans, elevations and estimated range pricing available for you to review before contacting our sales associates.

CTF takes 3rd Place at Golden Two-Four

A team that works hard & plays hard together!

What a weekend! We came 3rd in the Corporate category at the 2018 Golden Two Four . Our team of ten completed 21 laps in a time of 23 hours 26 minutes. It was great to be able to support a local event and our team put on a great performance to finish on the podium against quality teams from across BC and Alberta.

The Golden Two-Four attracts over 500 riders to our great town to ride on some of the best trails in Western Canada. Each lap is approximately 14.5km with 500m of climbing and the event has different individual and team categories across the 8 and 24 hour races.

Our team from left Pierre Couture, Jeff Bowes, Pierre Lussier, Cael Bowes, Marie Robert, David Gagne, Logan Winters, Joachim Strobel, Jeff Parker & Garrett Cox.

Full Results from the weekend.

Hand Selecting the Perfect Logs

Hand selecting logs in Golden, BC

Our location in Golden, BC allows us to hand select the best Douglas Fir logs for our projects. There are many aspects we look for when selecting the logs including tight grains, no knots and no pitch to make sure they are a perfect fit.

President Jeff Bowes takes you through how we hand select our logs and make sure we don’t have logs with inconsistent timber fibre.

Jeff and Rick selected over 190 logs during the visit. Once they are delivered we put them in racks to air dry for a year before we start using them on your projects. We are very fortunate to be able to hand select our logs which allows our clients to receive top quality timber that is suited to the needs of their projects.



Kootenay Manufacturer of the Year!

CTF Named Manufacturer of the year

We are pleased to announce that we have been named Manufacturer of the year at the recent Kootenay Manufacturing Awards. In their 2nd year the awards recognise the growth, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the manufacturing sector.

150 businesses entered the awards which are run by Kootenay Business and we are very proud to have taken out the top award. Congratulations to all of the other winners across the 5 categories and also to those businesses that were nominated.

All of the winners can be found on the Kootenay Business Website. 


Study Confirms Forest Industry a Cornerstone of BC's Economy

Forest Industry Cornerstone of Economy

An economic study produced by PwC for the B.C. forest industry confirms that the sector continues to be a cornerstone of the provincial economy and one of the largest employers across the province.

140 communities in B.C. rely on the forest industry and are considered forest dependent through mills, community forests, or significant logging operations.


Employment opportunities

In 2016, the sector generated and supported more than 140,000 total jobs (59,900 direct and an additional 80,828 indirect and induced jobs) in the province. That amounts to forestry generating one out of every 17 jobs in the province and total labour income of $8.6 billion.

  • 1 out of 4 manufacturing jobs in BC are in the forest industry


Sustainable Forestry

B.C. has vast forest resources with roughly 60% of its land base (55 million hectares) being productive forest land, providing rich, diverse, and abundant wood fibre. These forests contain approximately 11 billion cubic meters of standing timber.

B.C. is a world leader in sustainable forestry. The industry plants three trees for every tree harvested on average, and less than one percent of the timber land base is harvested each year. 259 million seedlings were planted in 2016 alone!

  • The forest industry has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 60% since 1990
  • Wood insulates 15x better than concrete and 4oox better than steel


  • B.C. forest industry generated $33 billion in output and $12.9 billion in GDP to the province.

Major Exporter

  • The United States was the top destination for B.C. forest exports in 2016, accounting for 53% of the industry’s exports.
  • BC is the largest producer of softwood lumber in North America
  • 11% of all rail traffic in Western Canada is forest products.

Read the full report here 


BC Council of Forest Industries https://www.cofi.org

British Columbia’s Forest Industry and the BC Economy in 2016, PwC https://www.cofi.org/wp-content/uploads/BC-Forest-Report-FINAL-Sept-2017.pdf 

Our Q3 CTF Duct Tape Award Winner

The Q3 CTF Duct Tape Award is Presented to Patrick Reinhard

For stepping up & embracing all the challenges that have been put on you the last 3 months. Having a favorable reception to a major shift in your work load & responsibilities; looking for ways to contribute more. For helping to improve the process & for your time spent to help make this workplace better!

Thank You!!

Your award is well deserved!

The Management team at Canadian Timberframes

Logs Arriving to begin the process

We constantly refresh our inventory of logs that we keep on hand drying in our large log decks.

This week we have over 20 loads of logs arriving! All the wood comes from within 2 hours of our operations.

Rick is our man unloading the trucks and then he will put them in racks to air dry for a year before we start using the logs on your projects.


How good is that view! Another reason to come and see us when you are in British Columbia. We love it in Golden, BC, A great place to live and the perfect location to source quality timber.

20 Loads of Logs Arriving at our Facility

We constantly refresh our inventory of logs that we keep on hand drying in our large log decks.

Over the next couple of days, we have 20 loads of logs arriving! A few loads are dead standing wood from the West Columbia Valley. All the wood comes from within 2 hours of our operations.

Every log is time stamped when it arrives, as we air dry our logs in decks for a year before using our inventory.

Stay tunned to see more pics - when all the logs are decked for drying :) 

Celebrating another 15 year Employee Anniversary!

Today we are honoring Judy Wikman for her 15 years of Service! The second employee of our who has hit 15 years.

June 19, 2002 - present.

We are so grateful & appreciative of your loyal & dedicated contribution over the past 15 years Judy! We look forward to another 15 years!

Judy was presented with her cheque and a plaque to go on our 'wall of fame' where we recognize the tenure and contribution of all of our employees who hit milestones.

We also celebrated Joachim's 5 year Anniversary today as well! Thanks Joachim for all that you have brought to CTF; looking towards many more successful years with you!

We had a great company BBQ to celebrate Judy & our last Quarters accomplishments!

With our deepest appreciation, the CTF's management team

Jeff, Stephanie & Justin

Our Q2 CTF Duct Tape Award Winner

The Q2 CTF Duct Tape Award is Presented to:

Michael Prete

For the outstanding achievement of:

Always thinking about your work week ahead, planning, taking drawings home on the weekend to study on your own time, plus all the extra Sat’s your willing to pitch in and help the company get caught up. And lastly, always being very open to input!

   – Thank You for your contribution!

Go and enjoy a nice dinner out or a weekend of fun from the CTF Management Team!!

Jeff, Stephanie & Justin :) 

CTF's 12th Consecutive Year Supporting Kicking Horse Culture


Canadian Timberframes is proud to be in our 12th consecutive year in supporting Kicking Horse Culture as a Platinum Sponsor!


Kicking Horse Culture is a community arts council with a Mission to engage, energize, and enrich the cultural life of Kicking Horse Country through the delivery of a variety of programs and initiatives throughout the year.

The arts are such a wonderful and essential part of our local community. Collectively, arts and culture are powerful drivers in the creative economy and an integral part of a healthy, flourishing community; like ours.

Live Kicks (live entertainment from shows to concerts) provides a platform for memorable experiences like no other, and offers an avenue for Canadian Timberframes to give something back to the wider community, as well as our employees.

We are totally committed to supporting the cultural life of Kicking Horse Country....for years to come! 

This was their first poster & event we sponsored through Kicking Horse Culture - the first year the program started.


Canadian Timberframes Q1 Duct Tape Award Winner

The Q1 CTF Duct Tape Award

Is Presented to…..

Eleanor Phillips

For the outstanding accomplishment of:

Always stepping up, filling in, helping other departments, moving summer vacation to back fill for another. Always there to offer her help, assistance & expertise with a smile & can do attitude!

Thank-You Eleanor for all that you do to help keep this boat afloat! And for being  such a wonderful example of our company values. You embody everyone of them!


The Canadian Timberframes Management Team



Clients visiting from Ontario

Another visit today from clients who wanted to take the opportunity to fly to the mountains in BC and tour our facility. 

The family flew in from Ontario & are spending the afternoon touring the mill, our manufacturing plant & spending time with our design team in our boardroom on their design.

We are always happy & honored when clients make the trip to our home here in Golden!

Q4, 2016 Canadian Timberframes Duct Tape Winner

The Q3 CTF Duct Tape Award

Is Presented to…..



For the outstanding accomplishment of:

Keeping positive attitude, thinking ahead, working through the cold weather with a big smile and his commitment to CTF ! Also, for looking for ways to add value & going the extra mile!    

Thank You Jack!!

2016 Q3 Duct Tape Award Winner


The Q3 CTF Duct Tape Award

Is Presented to…..

Kimberly Pawley


For the outstanding accomplishment of:

Taking on many responsibilities outside of your job description (Dust mitigation etc) with a smile and bringing a thorough & quality approach. For looking for ways to add value & going the extra mile to help make stakeholders work lives easier!    

Thank You Kimberly!!

New Schacher Trail in Golden BC opens the Singletrack 6 Trans Canada Rockies Mountain Bike Golden Stage


Canadian Timberframes is proud to be one of the primary sponsors of the Schacher Trail in Golden BC. This single track trail will take 3 years to fully complete. And phase 2 (a total of 4.5 km of trail) was completed in time for the Singletrack 6 trans Canada Rockies Stage Race today.



We had a ribbon cutting ceremony to 'officially' open the trail as the competitors of this world class event rode the new trail. 



There will be one additional phase adding 8 more km of trial, taking the trail to the top of Mount 7 where a Gazebo will proudly sit as a memorial to Sean Schacher, whom the trail was named after. This trail will provide single track bike access to the top of Mount 7, where previously the only option was an old logging road. So now enthusiasts can ride up to the monumental down hill ride of Mount 7.


This trail is hugely significant for our company since Sean Schacher was a long term employee of ours….this project is really important to our company & all of our employees who have worked with Sean for years (and his Father Rick, who still works for us). It means a lot to everyone, the constant pride within our organization around the building of the trail & his tribute.

“ We at Canadian Timberframes are very proud to sponsor this project, not only because what it offers our community & visitors but for the Legacy of Sean Schacher. Sean was a valued employee of ours and we think this trail is a very fitting tribute to Sean & his family." Says Stephanie Bowes, Executive Director at Canadian Timberframes.


We at Canadian Timberframes & all of our employees are thrilled to see the continuous effort on this trail for Sean & the amazing access it opens up to mountain biking community! 

New Sunshine Coast Cottage


This warm & comfortable cottage designed by Walter R. Powell, Architect, at Sunshine Coast Home Design is a spectacular representation of recreational living. The interior palette of bright ‘sea glass’ colours brings the ocean setting inside and lights up the interior space.


Enjoy perusing through the images, let the design & location inspire you.


If this design speaks to you, we encourage you to jump on Sunshine Coast Home Design’s website to go through their entire gallery of homes. Or you can follow Walter Powell on Houzz @ houzz.com/pro/walterpowell/__public or on twitter @ twitter.com/walterrpowell.


We would also like to thank Linda Sabiston of First Impression Photography for the use of the incredible images.

Our Q 1, 2016 Company Duct Tape award goes to....


Thanks Doris for picking up the slack & taking on the extra work load the past Quarter!

Your efforts & dedication are greatly appreciated!!

The Management Team :)




We would like to welcome David Gagné to the team as our new Quebec Regional Sales Representative


We are thrilled to welcome David to our team & are excited about his extensive knowledge of the Quebec Market where he lived for most of his life, up until the last 7 years. David, obviously bilingual, lets us expand into a market where we could not previously service appropriately because of the language barrier but, can now approach with confidence. David will focus on the Laurentians, Eastern Townships, Outaouais, Lanaudière, Charlevoix to name a few but happy to help anyone out who is interested in more information about timber frame construction & design.


David brings with him a long history in the building construction industry with over 10 years of combined stick frame, timber & log building experience. He also has extensive background in the ski industry with over 7 years of soft & hard good sales and, was with the Canadian Snowboard Cross Team for 4 years leading up to the Sochi Olympics. David is thrilled to be working with Canadian Timberframes where he can put many of his passions to work. He loves to get to know clients stories, what drives their dreams and loves helping shape them into a new reality; a custom timber frame home, chalet or cottage.


Please join us in welcoming David to the team.

Fell free to reach out to David at dgagne@canadiantimberframes.com


The Canadian Timberframes Team

Canadian Timberframes would like to welcome Chris Koehn as our new Pacific North West Regional Sales Manager


Canadian Timberframes would like to welcome Chris Koehn to the team. We are excited to have him join our sales team in the capacity of Pacific North West Regional Sales Manager.  Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience within the custom home industry to his regional market. We are thrilled to have this caliber of talent join our team.


“Chris was bitten by the timber framing bug while doing undergraduate work in Europe. “There’s something about spending time in and among ancient timber frame structures- homes, churches, and barns that were built by craftsmen hundreds of years ago- that struck a deep cord in me.” After completing his degree, Chris took an opportunity to pursue timber framing as a career and hasn’t looked back. “Since the 1980’s I’ve been a timber framer, foreman, sales person, designer, instructor, and general contractor. The consistent theme has always been timber framing. It’s my passion."


Managing sales in the Pacific Northwest, Chris parlays all of these experiences to the benefit of those he works with, bringing an intimate knowledge of the timber frame building process. ”My main goals are to do my utmost to see that my clients receive good value and that they have a fantastic building experience.”


When he’s not working, Chris can usually be found cruising in his sailboat with his family in BC's Gulf Islands. He and his sons also race sailboats; the family also enjoys skiing and hiking on beautiful Vancouver Island, where they live.”


Chris can be reached at ckoehn@canadiantimberframes.com or through him mobile at (250) 732-6991.


Please join us in welcoming Chris!


Our Q 3 Company Duct Tape Award goes to......


Thanks Judy for taking personal pride & ensuring top notch quality control on the application & consistency of our staining & Finishing. Plus contributing to our company culture by suppling treats to her fellow co-workers (mostly out her own pocket)!

The Management Team :)

Parade of Homes in Summit County, Colorado

What an amazing Parade of Homes in Summit County, Colorado this past weekend. After 2 days of beautiful weather and inspiration the "Unofficial Canadian Judge" Jeff Bowes, gives first and second place to Allen Guerra Architects for their two projects in Breckenridge.


One in the Highlands subdivision, and the second seen here, is a home skillfully placed on Penn Lode Drive in Shock Hill, featuring castle architecture, heavy timber, and modern elements… an absolute show stopper! Congratulations to Suzanne and her team”


Wood shopping for amazingly large logs that will be crafted into enormous feature timbers!


One of the great parts of being a fully integrated company is taking a spectacular log through to finished product. In this case we had the privilage to purchase BIG wood :)


This impressive log will at some point be crafted into enormous timbers. We specialize in custom builds and our machinery can impressively handle much larger pieces of log & timber than many other outfits can handle. 


Stay tuned for the operational challenge of unloading this impressive piece of wood that one day will make one of our clients extremly happy that they will have a feature in their home that many could only dream of.


Newly Finished Timber Frame Home in Bowling Green, Kentucky


Settling into their new timber frame and enjoying the home that they had dreamed of having! Spend some time on a 'virtual' tour through this Bowling Green, Kentucky home. We have loaded great photo's of their lot, exterior & interior living spaces. Browse through the whole building process: from design, through construction and now the finished home!


This home is a great example of the many products that Canadian Timberframes has to offer.

The home is fully dialed in with:

  • A complete timber frame
  • Antique circle sawn finish
  • Pre-stained T&G throughout
  • Our R37 insulated roof build up
  • Our pre-manufactured wall systems
  • Exterior timber deck, stairs and railings
  • Pre-finished Western Red Cedar siding, trims & facia
  • Exterior windows & doors


You will be able to see many of our products throughout the finished pictures.

We Would Like to Welcome J'Anne Claridge Monteleone

Canadian Timberframes would like to welcome J'Anne Claridge Monteleone to the team. We are excited to have her join our sales team in the capacity of Alberta Regional Sales Manager.  J'Anne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience within the custom home industry to her regional market. We are thrilled to have this caliber of talent join our team.




In her 30 year career in the home building industry, J’Anne has helped hundreds of clients design and build their custom homes right across Canada and the United States. She loves the synergy of the design process and her extensive design and construction experience helps her clients get exactly what they want ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.  J’Anne has a real talent in helping people envision their home and incorporating their needs and wants into a functional and beautiful design.  She is equally comfortable working with people face to face or long distance and treasures the lifelong friendships that come from working so closely with her clients.


Born and raised in British Columbia, she has always had a particular passion for timber frame homes and loves the soaring vaulted ceilings and large fir bents.  Her dream is to build a timber frame home on a piece of property that has views of mountains, water and horses running in a field.


J’Anne and her husband Barry have five children and seven grandchildren between them and love spending time with them.  They have a passion for travel and prefer to stay with the locals rather than in hotels and spend time exploring the lesser known spots away from the tourists. They enjoy hiking and like to search out and photograph beautiful vistas along the way. They have not yet mastered the art of the couple’s selfie, and have lots of awkward pictures of themselves to show for their efforts.


They have never met a Farmer’s Market that they didn’t love and go out of their way to buy local produce wherever they are.  They enjoy cooking gourmet meals together as well as tending to their extensive flower gardens.  Barry is attempting to teach J’Anne to golf which is an entertaining spectator sport in itself!


“There is tremendous satisfaction in seeing a home built from concept to reality. Walking into a home that I’ve helped designed and only “seen” on the computer screen is a thrill that never wanes.” Says J'Anne.


J'Anne can be reached at jmonteleone@canadiantimberframes.com or through her mobile at 403.616.9686.


Please join us in welcoming J'Anne!

Jeff Bowes on site with Home Owners in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Jeff Bowes, President & Partner at Canadian Timberframes was on site with the owners of this outstanding timber frame home while it was getting shot for an upcoming feature in a timber magazine.



This home is designed by Kelly & Stone Architects.  They are dedicated to providing innovative yet sensible architectural design solutions. This client fell in love with K&S designs and is pleased to have them work on their retirement home. 


The contemporary feel to the traditional rustic mountain charm uses mono trusses to give this home a more modern up-to-date feel.  The trusses used this way create a unique style to the home.  The slopes juxtaposed against the rolling smooth greens of the golf course, help make this home stand out in it's setting. 


Stay tunned for updates to this project when our new photo's come in and the editorial story is released.


New Designs in our Design Portfolio

Check out our collaboration with Blue Sky Architecture.

And our new cottage design


Our Q2 Company Duct Tape Award goes to.....

Congratulations Joachim! The award was well deserved!

The Canadian Timberframes Management Team :)

Bowling Green, Kentucky USA Project Update

With partners Kelly and Stone Architects, Olde Stone is now complete.

Enjoy the exterior photo's of this architectural timber frame beauty.

To view both construction & completed photo's go to



Barrel Racing Sponsor

Canadian Timberframes sponsored the recent 2015 Delbert Johnson Memorial Barrel Jackpot

The barrel racing took place at the Golden Rodeo Grounds.

Great event, awesome riders, lots of spectators enjoying the show.

Congratulations to all the competitors.

New interest from Louisville Kentucky, Alpharetta Georgia, Sandpoint Idaho and Palm Beach Gardens Florida,

Spring time is heating up and people are starting to plan for their dream getaway.

We are receiving lots of interest from the US, and have many projects going on throughout NA.


Recently we have had people reaching out from Louisville, Kentucky


Sandpoint, Idaho


Alpharetta, Georgia


and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


We are here to provide what ever support and information you need. Whether you are just starting out, or have designs in hand. We look forward to surpassing your service expectations.



Getting interest for timber frame getaways in Rexford New York, Manassas Virginia, Carmel Indiana & Sweard Nebraska

We are generating a lot of interest from the US, clients seeking out the premier boutique timber frame manufacturer, Canadian Timberframes to design & build their glamorous timber frame getaway.


Interest from Rexford, New York


Interest from Manassas, Virginia


Interest from Carmel, Indiana


And more interest from Sweard, Nebraska


Being the premier supplier of Timber Frame Homes across North America, we thrive on the diverse interest that comes in across the United States. Looking forward to helping you out with your dream getaway or home.

New Cottage Design, Muskoka Ontario

A modern design was a must for this family's cottage. Designed for Muskoka spring & falls, a large screened in porch was added with fireplace.


Trucks loaded with Timber for Lamont Alberta

2 B Train trucks were loaded & tarped for the ride to Lamont Alberta and the timber raising next week.

28 total lifts of materials were loaded, including the timber frame, T&G for the ceilings and our R-50 custom roof materials. There is 432 total pcs. just for the timber frame, consisting of over 12,000 board feet of pre-stained Douglas Fir timbers. Keep coming back to the website to see our updated project pictures.

Building our new Drying Shed

Just finished the raising for our new drying shed outside our manufacturing facility in Golden BC.

The massive 48' finished logs used for the shed are a common sight, seen throughout our lumber lot and down by our mill.  Big logs are what we use & work with every day. BC interior douglas fir grows like giants around here.


One of our most advertised vacation properites, now has it's design drawings loaded

The Design: Elevations, 3D Models and floor plans were finally loaded to one of commonly advertised and talked about vacation properties. Get under the hood of this spectacular home.



New Design uploaded for our Vancouver Island Project

We are constantly updating our projects as new photo's or Design drawings come to us.


We have just loaded the design drawings (Elevations, floor plans & timber frame plans) for this Vancouver Island Cottage. Read the story, peruse the construction photo's and watch this project come to life.




New Design Added for a project in Grand Prarie, Alberta

A contemporary full timber frame project in Alberta we collaborated with Kelly & Stone Architects on. View the design (elevation drawings, timber frame blow outs and floor plans) plus a few construction photo's here http://www.canadiantimberframes.com/project/peaceriverridge



New construction photos added to our Sioux Falls, South Dakota project.

New construction photos added to our Sioux Falls, South Dakota project, a 7,000 sq ft home.


The Quarterly CTF Duck Tape Award

The quarterly CTF Duck Tape Award was presented today at our town hall meeting.



The award was presented from last quarters recipient to this quarters winner:


This Duct Tape award goes to......

Klaus Stelzig, Senior Designer & Timber Frame Technician

For the outstanding achievement of:

Design and interfacing excellence!!

Congratulations Klaus!!

New images loaded to a few of our finished spectacular timber frame homes

We have updated a few of our projects recently with new interior & exterior images; kitchen shots, bathroom images, bedrooms and a few fantastic landscape images.

Check out this gorgeous timber frame ranch

This stunning contemporary timber frame home

And this rustic mountain retreat 

Enjoy the inspiration!



Canadian Timberframes Quarterly Town Hall meeting & Duct Tape Award

Part of our town hall is giving out our Quarterly Duct Tape Award. This award is usually is given to an employee who has been nominated for their outstanding work, or going above and beyond their regular roles.

This quarter the award was given to Rick Schacher, our Sawyer, presented by Pierre Lussier, VP & Partner. Pierre gives Rick  the illustrious Duct tape Award & gift certificate. Thanks Rick for your constant hard work, amazingly fast pace, your reliability & always staying until things get done!! Congratulations :)


New Design & Build in Ontario

Enjoy the new design for this alpine home that was just loaded along with the construction photo's.

The home has a lot of outdoor living with multiple decks and patios to extend their living space & ability to enjoy the spectacular vistas their new home has to offer.

Click on the link to read the story http://canadiantimberframes.com/project/hiddenridgealpinehome



Clients with an Austrian background and were looking for a design that resembled the feel and spirit of the Austrian countryside

Follow the progress on this home that is currently under construction.

View the 11 photos that walk you through from the ground breaking through to the timber frame raising.


The home at sunset!

New Design loaded for the entertainer in mind

Rustic, mountain living at its finest! This ranch-style home has been designed for the entertainer. With premium outdoor living amenities including outdoor kitchen, screened-in fireplace room, built-in fire pit and spa, you will have a hard time deciding which space you want to occupy.

This design can be easily modified to meet any of your design or lifestyle needs. We would be happy to chat with you about how we can help you make your dream a reality. Click the link to see the full design http://canadiantimberframes.com/project/bigwinranch

New Timber Raising

View the full story and new photo's added to the project



New Design Project in Calgary

Check out the latest design project. A retirement home, designed with a few extraordinary features. Read about the whole project here & see all the designs and floor plans added

New Projects, Just Loaded to our Website

Check out our new designs & floor plans loaded to our Projects page on our site:

A Ranch design updated in Colebrook, New Hampshire

A Chalet design updated in Fernie BC 

A Rustic Mountain home in Bowling Green, Kentucky


Load # 2 to Spruce Grove, AB for the Sprawling Peaks Project

2 more loads to go; 1/2 will be filled with doors/windows. Check out where these trucks are headed & the project that will shortly come to life. Stay tuned for more photos.

Building the foundation in Airdrie, Alberta

We are double pumping concrete in Airdrie Alberta on this 10,000 square foot home (see image below).

While the lot is getting prepped, we are working hard at hand peeling 2 40' logs and distressing and staining to match the interior timber frame finish to come later.  Theses massive hand picked logs will go vertical in the home mid Nov, and will span the 2 stories of the home.

The home owners came out to our manufacturing facility in Golden, BC to hand pick the logs that will remain hand peeled & distressed inside their home as a wonderful architectural element amongst the timber frame interior.

Custom Timber Dining Table

One home owner, whom we are currently working with, does a lot of entertaining for large groups.

He designed his living area and dining room space to fit, the only problem was they could not find a dining room table large enough to 'own' the space and seat enough for their entertaining style.  Solution, we designed and manufactured a dining room table to match their interior timber frame home. 

This custom table stands 5' wide and 15' long.  The massive timber style is suited to the interior design of this home.

Click here to view the timberframe project


We would love to provide you and your family with free tickets for the Virginia Log & Timber Home Show

If you are interested in attending the Virginia Log & Timber show, we would love to provide you & your family with free tickets, complimentary of Canadian Timberframes. Please send us an email sales@canadiantimberframes.com with your name(s) and we will leave you tickets at the front booth.

Come out to the show, enjoy the vendors and learn a bit more about our spectacular timber frame homes.

Location: The Dulles Expo Center South Hall 4320 Chantilly Shopping Center Chantilly, VA 20153 October 24-26, 2014 Friday 1pm-7pm Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 11am-4pm

Lakeport, Lake Huron, Michigan Timber Frame Ranch Home

Check out the new photo's added to our Great Lakes Legacy project. We were on location a few weeks back to check on the progress of this project - the timber frame is fully raised and the home now enclosed, working on the exterior finishes.



Fort McMurray Commercial Timber Structure Update

Check out the massive timber truss exterior on this industrial building below.  The interior carries the timber structure throughout. To see the designs of this project follow this link to the project Richardson Camp

Stay tuned for more photo's on the ongoing construction of our current jobs.


Custom Steel components sets this Chalet design apart

Klaus, Senior Designer/Timber frame Technician is looking over the custom steel order before delivery to the construction site for our Kicking Horse Chalet project

The methods of fastening the frame members can differ in custom timber frame homes usually design dictating method, where structural engineering does not play a factor. In traditional timber framing, mortice and tenon or more complex joints are usually fastened using only wooden pegs. But, the timber trusses designed for this chalet will incorporate steel joinery as seen in the picture for both structural and architectural purposes. It is amazing when braces are added to a simple post it can really dress up the whole area. Timberframe design is very flexible; depending on one’s taste or environment - there truly is a design for everyone. 

Stay tuned and follow the project; as we move through the construction phase.

A Busy Morning at Canadian Timberframes



It was a busy morning at our mills & manufacturing facility we loaded three trucks that are heading across the country to a few of our projects under various stages of construction.  The trucks are bound for Fernie, BC; Canmore, Alberta and the last off to Kenora, Ontario.  But before they all head out, another heavy tarp will be added to each load to protect the timber components during trucking.

What’s under the tarps you ask?
The Fernie truck is the 3rd timberframe home we have shipped in the last 3 months to this destination.  We were shipping the frame for a chalet as well as, the T&G for last 2 homes that are now ready for their flooring, walls & roof systems. Just in case you were curious….we were shipping 6 lifts of timberframe & 8 lifts of T&G on this truck.

The Canmore truck was shipping a complete timberframe package.  The framing will start immediately; starting with the basement timbers then moving on to their main floor.  The timbers shipped are highly polished, smooth furniture grade finish for this contemporary home.  On the truck we loaded 9 lifts (ranging from 10-22ft in length) of timberframe components and one pallet of hardware.

The Kenora home had it’s timber raising already, so they are now ready to start their install of the floors, ceilings & timber deck. T&G shipped has a heavy lacquered finished with custom made heavy steel metal works for interior & exterior architectural finishes. This family’s move in date next will likely be next spring or summer.  If you would like to check out the photo’s of this cottage so far, follow this link http://www.canadiantimberframes.com/project?id=1063

Stay tunned for more exciting photo’s to come.

Canadian Tire Store Facelift, Cochrane, Alberta

We would like to give a shout out to our Building Partner on this project Ongrowing Works

OnGrowing Works Ltd.


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