Canadian Timberframes 2018 Summer Newsletter

The US and Canadian housing markets are booming

Both the US & Canadian housing markets seem to be in full swing with continued growth trends in new home starts for 2018. We certainly are seeing it here at Canadian Timberframes, as we have been the busiest we have been in 19 years and we are still able to adapt and respond quickly with the quality & professionalism one comes to expect from us – even with the influx of activity.
The one year old US tariff on Canadian Softwood lumber has dramatically impacted price on newly built homes in the US. The US Census Bureau reports on a year to date basis, as of May, single family starts are 9.8% higher. Our industry partners have noticed more like a 20% plus spike on lumber to the US.
Because of this financial impact we are finding that many of our industry partners now come to us, more than ever, to ‘pre-manufacture’ whatever we can & ship across the border helping to control new build costs on site. We are not subject to the tariff, obviously & are able to ship manufactured wall systems, roof systems, pre-stained T&G etc, more cost effectively than building/finishing on site in the US.

There are 3 added bonuses with packaging your project this way:

  1. You expedite the raising time (giving builders an advantage to take on more projects)
  2. You save buying Canadian – as your US dollars go father with the exchange rate (you get to buy more product with your same $’s)
  3. You are not tariffed on pre-manufactured components that ship from Canada to the US.

We become your extended industry resource on your project and happily partner with Builders, Architects & clients on producing exceptional timber frames & components in a timely & cost effective way.

We are committed to fulfilling our promise: delivering world class product with professional service in one of the quickest turnaround times in the market.

Drop us a line and let us know where we can help you out. We truly look forward to serving you.

Jeff Bowes, President & Owner

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