Canadian Timberframes 2019 Winter Newsletter

The Top 4%

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Canadian Timberframes founding!

Did you know that only 4 out of 100 businesses survive past the 10-year mark?

Well, we have certainly made it past this marker & we are proud to be apart of this unique & special 4% group of companies!

This anniversary marks an important milestone for us as we look back on our incredible heritage of talent and accomplishments. We started out with a philosophy to provide our clients with personal timely service, attention to detail, outstanding quality and exceptional value. Our founding beliefs remain our top priority today and I believe because of that - our company remains viable, strong and growing.

A history of the last 20 years in business:

  • 1999 CTF wholesaled timber frames to other timber frame companies & remained this way for 12 straight years.
  • 2011 after Jeff Bowes arrival, CTF sold direct to clients, builders & architects. They expanded market share to Ontario, Colorado & other mountain states in the US.
  • 2012 created an in-house design team and started offering technical design services to our customers; continued to grow market share across the USA.
  • 2013 added custom wall panel manufacturing & custom roof systems based upon client/builder demand
  • 2014 offered T&G, trim packages & custom finishes; clients/builders want a one stop shopping approach & ability to purchase all the items needed for a dried-in shell.
  • 2017 Jeff & Stephanie Bowes purchased the company outright and now own 100% of this great organization.

We continue to respond to market needs & continuously assess product development and expand our market share as well as the value we provide to our industry partners.

CTF believes in re-investing in our company and investing in our employees:

  1. We offer a profit-sharing program to all employees
  2. New Equipment purchased: 2 Manitou Forklifts; 1 CAT loader, new siding & pre-staining machinery
  3. New Infrastructure: new sustainable drying building for our pre-manufactured timbers with in floor radiant heat generated by our wood waste; new clear span building for T&G manufacturing

Are a few examples our commitment to this organization, our employees & a sustainable future.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in supporting Canadian Timberframes reaching 20 years of success. Success that has been made possible because of the support of our customers/industry partners and our incredible team who go the extra mile to make sure our customers are well taken care of & help us deliver upon our promise.

Jeff Bowes, President & Owner

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