The primary accountability of this position is for accurate management and operations of the Hundegger K2 CNC joinery cutting machine & Hundegger HMD 625 Planer.  Objectives while operating the equipment are to ensure that the highest quality of timber frame parts are produced from each timber while maximizing machine output and minimizing timber waste.  Additional responsibilities include communications between CNC programmer and Operators, working Knowledge of CNC Tooling, including but not limited to drills, mills, slot cutters, etc. Knowledge of precision measuring instruments and the application of such instruments. Instruments should include but not limited to calipers, ID and OD micrometers, depth gauges, indicators and scales, reading of prints, setup and operate CNC Centers while ensuring the setup will produce the necessary quality throughout the production run and ensuring that setup and cycle times are adhered to, prove out, de-bug and give feedback on CNC programs, Document how jobs are setup, run and checked as thoroughly as possible.

Setup and operate secondary operations when cycle time of your primary machine allows, Setup and operate manual equipment as necessary, changing tooling within the CNC, finished equipment handling for inspection & completion, willing and able to work flexible shifts and changing work schedules, maintain all equipment as necessary including maintenance of the CNC joinery machine and planer, upholding the highest safety standards in the plant ensuring a safe working environment is followed in accordance to the safety procedures / plan. 


  1. Operating the CNC machine and planer while maintaining quality standards and following production schedule
  2.   Maintaining production flow
  3. Reading and interpreting plans/designs
  4. Being accountable for the work & quality in accordance with established procedures for error
  5. Providing training and supervision to other operators and monitoring productivity to maintain targets and quality standards
  6. Maintaining the Hundegger equipment by conducting regular re-calibration and maintenance activities
  7. Repairing, or arranging for repair of equipment as necessary and ordering equipment parts
  8. Maintaining shop equipment, tools and machinery and assisting with inventory of parts
  9. Maintaining a clean, organized and safe working area
  10.   Participating in scheduling in order to maintain and meet production deadlines


Experience in Operating and maintaining K2 Hundegger to a high degree of proficiency

Interpret drawings and transfer drawings to product

Check/correct information on blueprints

Assist in leading and directing workers

Experience in operating the K2 software program and have a basic knowledge in part programming

Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision & as a member of a team with other operators

Have a complete understanding of lockout procedures; safety switches and emergency stop buttons

Positive attitude a must & is a strong team player

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