Learn More About Our Antique Finish - Rough Sawn Rustic Look

Why Burn Your Timber Frame? Learn More About Our Rough Sawn Antique Finish

We can provide a range of factory finishes for your timber frame from planed, to antique or distressed. Our rough sawn antique finish is very popular among clients as it gives you a rich rustic look and is also a permanent treatment. It can be finished with any of our stains as showcased on the table below. The Hill Top Retreat project pictured below in Collingwood, ON used our antique finish as to achieve the rural farmhouse style appearance the clients were looking for.

Douglas Fir is great to use as its softer wood burns easily lifting the grain. We use a blowtorch over the rough sawn surface until we get the desired colour and then use a wire brush before staining to give the timber an aged look. This process is also more economical than using reclaimed timber which we can work with but it is hard to source and comes at a premium.

The below video shows Patrick one of our carpenters working on a custom compression ring for an elevator shaft from our Wyoming project. Patrick is using the blowtorch to give the timber its antique finish. After this it will be brushed and taken to the shop floor to be stained.

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