Four Generations of Timber Experts

Canadian Timberframes Heritage

Our Heritage

Building a timber frame structure means participating in a longstanding architectural tradition and reaping the benefits of this time honored and sustainable building practice

Canadian Timberframes Ltd®. (CTF) was originally founded in 1999, with deep ties to sawmill and forestry industries that continue to flourish in the Golden and Columbia Valley area today. Two of the original founding partners were brothers, who had been around saw mills and forestry since birth, and were 4th generation entrepreneurs in the Columbia Valley,  the 3rd partner brought forestry education,  a design background and a passion for timber framing to the company from the start. In 2011, current President and Owner, Jeff Bowes was brought in as a 4th partner to lead the effort in making Canadian Timberframes a national leader and prominent brand in our industry, and grow the company in the more sophisticated digital age.

Jeff brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, accumulated within the industry, and from over 1000 timber frame projects throughout North America over a 30+ year span. This elite group of talent, skill and passion, is the foundation that we continue to build our Canadian Timberframes team and company on.

Canadian Timberframes Ltd®. also prides itself in making history by being the first Timberframe company in Canada to recognize the advantages of CNC technology, along with the benefits of sophisticated 3D modelling in its design work.

Since opening day in 1999, our facility was the first in the country to operate with the now popular Hundegger CNC and 4 sided planning equipment, manufactured in Germany especially for the Timberframe industry.

This technology and capability, combined with our on-site saw mills and locally sourced, sustainably grown, high grade Douglas Fir makes us well-positioned to take on any and all timber frame projects worldwide with confidence in our quality and value.

In January of 2017, a new milestone has been reached. To bring more focus and commitment to the evolution of our industry, our company and our clients and employees, Jeff Bowes completed the purchase of the entire company from his partners and moves forward with a continued passion and the confidence in owning 100% of this great organization. 

Modern timberframing like we now use has capitalized on technology, using industrial mill processing & computerized precision cutting which speeds up the production, reduces costs and enhances these beautiful structures that are built to last.

Although this timber frame company was founded on 4 generations within the wood business, the progressive and professional approach by the executive team made history by being the first company to bring CNC technology into Canada - before this every timber frame was hand cut.

Hand Picked

Some timber framed buildings built centuries ago can still be seen and used to this day. That is why at CTF we still hand pick every log in order to maintain the highest quality product that we have come to be known for. We buy locally from sustainably managed forests, not only to support the communities but, because the timber around here is the 'best of the best'.

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