1. Be in constant communication with team leader as to which project should be next to being completed
  2. Lay out pieces on clean sawhorses, do not overload the sawhorses and be sure to leave enough room around the sawhorses to access from all sides - adhere to the proper safety and handling instructions
  3. Check the shop traveller for complete instructions.
    1. Stain color
    2. Hardware required. (Inform office if a shortage)
    3. Test fitting or assembly needed
  4. Be sure all handwork has been signed off, by initialling the handwork sheet
  5. Be sure all shop power tools are equipped for proper use. Such as Band saw blades, Chop saw blades, Slot cutter Chains and Router bits etc.
  6. Have handwork completed ahead of those staining, so there is no slow down of production
  7. During packaging this is your opportunity to oversee quality control, for example check for any possible runs of stain, or possible handwork missed
  8. Ensure all lifts are square and under 4’ wide. The height of the lift should not be too high, so the lumber wrap does not cover the lift - Each lift should be secure, with no loose pieces
  9. QA job packaging - account for all the pieces of the project. If pieces are not accounted for, double check your count, and then with the K-2 operatorAll pieces must be included. Be sure hardware has been packaged as well
  10. Ensure the flow of wood on the sawhorses is always moving, as you move pieces off for packaging bring out other pieces for handwork and staining



Must have a complete understanding and command of the production flow and product completion.

Basic knowledge of drawings and their interpretation

Ability to perform tasks with minimum supervision

Proficiency in operating sanders, routers, saws, drills, chain saws and any other tooling that will be

required to finish our products


Please email your resume to careers@canadiantimberframes.com - and place the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Good luck! We will be in touch with qualified individuals only.

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