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Timber Basics Overview

A timber frame is a skeleton-like structure in which all the loads and forces are taken by large load-bearing timbers. Building a house as a wooden structure is a widely used, cost- effective method of construction in North America, but more often than not most of the wood in the structure is hidden.

Beauty Displayed

A timber frame allows the structural timbers to be displayed. These exposed timbers are finely prepared and detailed with as many architectural features as you desire. They can act as a prominent design feature, or can be used to accent certain rooms and exterior elements of the home.

Exposed wooden timbers impart images of strength, natural beauty and warmth. Imagine vaulted ceilings and open spaces combined with the energy efficiency created with the use of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS). A timber frame home can accomplish just that. Today's timber frame home offers evident structural integrity, countless decorative possibilities, fully-integrated mechanical systems and a particularly high degree of energy efficiency.

Timber Frame basics

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Where To Begin:

If you are just getting started or are in your fact finding mode; whether your taste runs to rustic style, or contemporary décor is more to your liking; whether you plan to build in the mountains, near the shore or on the plains, wood timbers can add warmth and charm to any new home.

Planning your custom-built timber home will be exciting, challenging and ultimately deeply rewarding. In order to make the process as successful and stress-free as possible, we suggest doing some homework first. Start collecting what you love, styles, designs, and design elements, layouts as well as color, stains and timber frame architecture.

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