Canadian Timberframes Operations

Our Operations

Canadian Timberframes Ltd has been in operations since 1999. With a long history in the timber industry, we have perfected our process. We have strengthened our supply chain through the process of vertical integration, paying close attention to sustainable development.

Log Selection

Our location in Golden, BC allows us to hand select the best interior Douglas Fir logs for our projects.

This ensures we have the largest stock & best quality logs at our mill. Once a log is ready to be used in a project, our skilled mill rights grade a log before bucking to maximize the amount of board footage that can be gleaned from that tree.


The video shares President Jeff Bowes explaining our process of hand selecting logs. We look for consistent timber fibre without pitch, knots, burls, spiral, ring shake.

Log Sorting & Grading

Canadian Timberframes is part of the Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP) program, an independent, third party woods product inspection, testing, and consulting company with field representatives throughout North America.  TP provide professional inspection services and monthly auditing.  Our customers have independent, professional third party assurance of our timber grades stamped on our timber.  Grading rules are based upon ‘Standard methods for establishing stress grade for structural members used in log and timber frame buildings’ Standard ASTM D3957 a North American recognized standard used for both residential and commercial uses.

“We are excited to pass this high level of quality to our customers and we are one of the few of North American timber frame companies with this level of timber accreditation.” Says Jeff Bowes

When the grade of timber is specified by an architect or engineer within their design, we can deliver on these requirements in-house without adding additional costs or time, where other manufacturers would have to source this service; get tested & comply. Grading provides a layer of protection for the manufacturer and homeowner by establishing definable levels of quality for the products being sold and marketed within the industry.

By providing this level of confidence and security to our customers it ensures 3 important measures: each piece has been visually inspected and graded – ensuring quality plus; it ensures all clients are delivered the quality of wood specified in their contract and lastly; with the ongoing monthly surprise inspections by TP the quality & grading is always being validated and endorsed.