Timber Frame Technology

Our facility is state of the art producing high quality timber frames

CNC technology, high productivity and highly skilled craftspeople allow us to deliver quality timber frames.

Our Facility

Superior Canadian Douglas-fir timbers, CNC technology, high productivity, experienced & dedicated craftspeople, leading design technology and high quality control standards are all requirements which allow Canadian Timberframes to deliver exceptional timberframes and the best value at competitive prices.

Canadian Timberframes' custom cuts each order utilising our on-site sawmill. Our large inventory consists of local Douglas-fir logs of superior quality, each of which is still carefully hand selected. These logs are then sorted and stacked in decks in our log yard to air dry for a year prior to milling into rough sawn cants that are then air dried for up to 4 months prior to final planning and manufacturing to ensure a well-seasoned final product.

Our on-site sawmill and log yard enables us to effortlessly select those timbers specifically suited for each of our clients' projects. We can react quickly and efficiently to any changes in the scope of the timber frame production process.

20,000 Square Feet

Our 20,000 square foot shop houses our Hundegger K-2 CNC joinery machine and the efficient Hundegger 4-Sided Planer, along with a full assortment of timber frame and wood specific hand tools.

Log Sorting

Our logs are always hand selected by experts to ensure we have the largest stock & best quality logs at our mill. Once logs are delivered to our yard, they are sorted and stacked in decks to air dry for a minimum of one year. Each log is visibly date stamped to aid in inventory control. 

Once a log is ready to be used in a project, our skilled mill rights grade a log before bucking to maximize the amount of board footage that can be gleaned from that tree.

Efficient Assemby Process

Our goal is to provide our clients with a timber frame that can be assembled on site easily and efficiently without modification or specialized equipment. Our joinery is designed with raising and installation in mind: each of the timber frame parts are numbered and we provide all assembly documents to the builder. We strive to meet the requirements of an efficient assembly process.

Canadian Timberframes was the first timber frame company in Canada to own and operate the Hundegger K-2 back in 1999. This amazing machine allowed us to provide a superior product with quicker turn around early on. The precision and joinery detailing of CNC technology is second to none, providing a superior end product. Canadian Timberframes offers primarily traditional style mortise and tenon joinery, however all connection styles can be accommodated.

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