Commercial Case Study - Wood Structure VS Steel

The Grizzly Paw Brewery was originally designed as a steel structure (Figure 4a). The cost of steel, the complexity of the serrated roof-line, and the parallelogram layout caused the preliminary cost estimate to exceed the budget. Canadian Timberframes was consulted and preliminary timber designs and cost estimates were developed. The cost for the timber building was significantly less than the steel quotes. It was concluded that a wood structure could meet the budget and all other performance requirements. In fact, the complicated roofline which had been problematic for steel fabricators was a natural fit for the timber supplier’s experience and computerized shaping equipment (Figure 4b). In addition, the timber structure better suits the Rocky Mountain architectural style typical of the area, and will be an appealing aesthetic feature during public tours.

Here is the full case study produced by Canadian Wood Council, Wood Works and Canadian Timberframes.

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