Canadian Timberframes 2019 Summer Newsletter

Designing for a Happier, Healthier You

Wellness architecture has recently sprung up as a new trend that came out of the sustainable building success of recent years. The trends have moved from: an earth friendly movement; to sustainable design; to designing spaces that are ‘healthier’ for you - that support your life enhancing daily habits and rituals. Wellness architecture impacts where and how you live and focuses on spaces that are designed for your ‘state of wellness & peace of mind’: more light (window walls), better quality of air flow, creating spa like spaces in bedrooms, bathrooms & living outdoor spaces that create wellness as you move throughout your day. This inclusion of nature in design is proven to enhance cognitive performance, cleanse the air, lower stress, reduce toxins and utilize more renewable and sustainable resources in the design & build.

After recently renovating our master bedroom & bathroom – I am transformed by our new space. It does create a sense of wellness for us every moment we are enjoying the space – the 2 walls of windows, opening up to a private patio and timber frame structure off the master – bringing the outdoors in; the quality of air flow; the light; lush forest views along with new design features have definitely added a spa like tranquility we now enjoy.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize this trend whether you are building a new home or renovating your current space:

  1. Designing Window walls: think about the kitchen opening up the light – bringing the vistas in.
  2. Kitchens & bathrooms that open up to the outdoors: (sliding glass walls, folding glass doors etc) – blurring the lines of inside/outside & increasing your living space.
  3. Re-thinking rooms: creating experiences with spaces that support lifestyle choices
  4. Plants & nature: Plants are showing up as finishes, edibles and vertical gardens, organic materials to replace synthetics and interior designs that use organic patterns and organic color palettes.
  5. Electric fireplaces: are being added into bathrooms to complete the spa like environment – a flicker of light & warmth creating a ambiance.
  6. Material awareness: Wood on wood being used in Kitchens, bathrooms & great rooms – a trend toward medium-tone woods rather than super dark or light ones. Wood adds warmth and character and is a sustainable material used in construction; one trend that we are particularly fond of.

Whether you are still dreaming about the home that will come, or you are in the thick of decision making now or at finalizing your design & build team; we want to become a valuable participant in your project. We partner with Builders, Architects & clients on projects, producing high quality timber frames & components in a timely & cost-effective way.

We look forward to fulfilling our promise: delivering world class product with professional service from one of the most inspired teams in the market!

Drop us a line @ or call 1.877.348.9924- let us know where we can help you out.

Jeff Bowes, President & Owner

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